October 17, 2007
Oct 17

Press Release: Tom Golisano makes $10 Million Commitment at the Clinton Global Initiative

New York
Press Release

Commitment to endow new institute at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

For the past three years, Tom Golisano has been the Major Underwriter of the Clinton Global Initiative, a meeting held each September in New York City to discuss and develop workable solutions to pressing global issues. This year, in addition to his sponsorship of CGI, Golisano made a $10 million commitment to create a sustainability institute at the Rochester Institute of Technology (R.I.T.).

“The Clinton Global Initiative may not exist today if not for Tom Golisano,” said President Clinton. “Tom made the initial commitment of several million dollars to make CGI a reality and has been there ever since. I was proud to present Tom with a commitment certificate at the Global Citizen Awards at Carnegie Hall. His commitment to create a sustainability institute at R.I.T. is an important contribution to R.I.T. and to the international community.”

The Clinton Global Initiative is a project of the William J. Clinton Foundation that brings together a community of global leaders to devise and implement innovative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges. CGI has approximately 1,000 members, diverse and influential leaders from all over the world, who make tangible commitments to create or support projects within CGI’s areas of focus. During the three-day Annual Meeting, attendees participate in workshops and meetings focused on four main topics: Global Heath, Education, Poverty Alleviation, and Energy & Climate Change. Attendees are required to make specific commitments to address one of the topics and report back to President Clinton on the progress made throughout the course of the year.

The sustainability institute at R.I.T. will be a place for business people and academics to come together to solve environmental and economic problems. The institute will make R.I.T. the first school in the country to offer a PhD in sustainability.

“President Clinton and the Clinton Global Initiative have provided me an opportunity to expand my philanthropy on a global level – as well as make a significant impact on millions of lives around the world,” said Tom Golisano.

The sustainability institute is expected to break ground in 18 months.

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