August 5, 2013
Aug 05

The Clinton Health Access Initiative and the Government of Rwanda announce Nutrition Program

The new nutrition program will combat malnutrition through its work with food producers

New York, NY—The Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) has announced a program with the Government of Rwanda to work with food producers to combat malnutrition.

Through the program, CHAI aims to assist governments in Africa and Asia to reduce chronic malnutrition among infants and pregnant and lactating women and thereby to reduce infant mortality and stunting.

The program will help create local companies that will produce nutritious, high quality foods based on locally produced agricultural goods that will be distributed throughout the country.  The program will also promote exclusive breast feeding for babies during the first six months of life, and continued breast feeding thereafter, to be complemented by these nutritious foods.

The program will also promote economic development by increasing incomes of small holder farmers and creating world class food processing industries in Africa, both to serve local populations and for export.

About the Clinton Health Access Initiative
The Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) began in 2002 as the Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative to address the HIV/AIDS crisis in the developing world and strengthen health systems there. Taking its lead from governments and working with partners, CHAI has improved markets for medicines and diagnostics, lowered the costs of treatment, and expanded access to life-saving technologies – creating a sustainable model that can be owned and maintained by governments. CHAI has since expanded this model to increase access to high-quality treatment for malaria, accelerate the rollout of new vaccines, and lower infant mortality. Today, more than 5 million people in more than 70 countries are benefiting from medicines purchased under CHAI agreements.