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Laundry Day 2019: Laundromats are Facilitating Story Times for Children so They Can Improve Their Literacy on Laundry Day, April 14, 2019; Time Bulletin

Days spent at the laundromat can frequently be extraordinarily exhausting, particularly for kids looking out for their folks. Be that as it may, rather than requesting that kids engage themselves by watching the rinse cycle, bookkeepers are visiting areas so they can read to the children. The Too Small to Fail activity has been endeavoring to improve kids’ proficiency by bringing books, story time, and reading groups to surprising community spaces, for example, laundromats. The program is particularly helpful for shutting the proficiency gap between youngsters from lower and higher-salary families. 

Clinton Coming to St. Thomas in June, April 11, 2019; The St. John Source

Former President Bill Clinton will convene the Clinton Global Initiative Action Network on Post-Disaster Recovery at the University of the Virgin Islands this June, the Clinton Foundation announced this week. According to the foundation, the Action Network brings together leaders across the public sector, private sector, and civil society to discuss and develop solutions that address hurricane recovery needs facing the region while laying the foundation for a more resilient and prosperous future.

U of A Project Makes a Difference for Low-Income Youth With Disabilities, April 11, 2019; University of Arkansas News

A new report finds that Arkansas PROMISE — a University of Arkansas project aimed at improving the education and career outcomes of low-income teenagers with disabilities — has succeeded in increasing services, training, employment and income for participants. Arkansas PROMISE partners include the Arkansas Department of Education, the University of Arkansas, Clinton Foundation Health Matters Initiative, and more.

Laundromat Hosts Reading Program For Kids While Their Parents Wash Clothes, April 8, 2019; Tank’s Good News

While the adults are busy with laundry, kids are sitting on a rug listening to a local librarian read. This special storytime is part of an initiative to improve early childhood literacy in lower income areas by bringing books to unusual but frequented locations like the laundromat… The New York effort is supported by Libraries Without Borders, the Clinton Foundation’s “Too Small to Fail” program, and the laundromat industry. Their goal is to expand the initiative to thousands of locations worldwide.

In These Laundromats, Adults Do the Wash, and Children Read, April 3, 2019; Education Week

Librarians, early-literacy groups, and laundromat owners are combining forces to see if reaching out to families in places they frequent can help close the literacy gap between low-income and higher-income students… Those behind the New York effort include the Clinton Foundation's "Too Small to Fail" program, Libraries Without Borders, and the laundromat industry. They hope to expand literacy areas to thousands of locations nationwide.

Ex-Clinton secretary of state set for LR talk, March 31, 2019; Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, who served during former President Bill Clinton's administration, will speak in Little Rock on Saturday. Albright was the first woman to serve as secretary of state of the United States. At her Little Rock appearance, she will discuss her life and career, and her newest book, Fascism: A Warning.

Her appearance will begin a new speaker series titled "Bridge Builders." Each featured speaker will share insights on important challenges, opportunities and issues of the day, and audience members will be encouraged to learn more or do something that adds to the bridge, according to a news release. The series is presented by the William J. Clinton Presidential Center and sponsored by Coulson Oil.

Laundromats Support Early Literacy, Finds NYU Steinhardt Professor, March 26, 2019; NYU News

Professor Susan B. Neuman presented new research demonstrating that laundromats can serve as an important environment for early literacy development. Neuman’s research was part of a program led by Laundry Literacy Coalition, a group formed by the LaundryCares Foundation, the Clinton Foundation’s Too Small to Fail initiative, and Libraries Without Borders to make early literacy resources available to underserved communities through local laundromats nationwide. 

'Laundromats and literacy are a weirdly perfect couple.' Chelsea Clinton leads storytime in new Chicago learning space for kids, March 20, 2019; Chicago Tribune

The new literacy space, a corner with some cute, kid-sized furniture, books and educational toys, is intended to recapture, in the name of literacy, the obligatory downtime many kids spend in laundromats each week. “Small moments and interactions really help prepare children for success in school,” says Jane Park Woo, deputy director of Too Small to Fail, the Clinton Foundation’s early childhood initiative. “We’re very focused on meeting families where they are, and helping them make the most of their small moments. Laundry time, diaper time, meal time — we want to help parents use all these moments to engage in language-rich interaction with their children.”

Chelsea Clinton visits Chicago laundromat to unveil reading space, March 20, 2019; ABC 7 Chicago

The Family Read & Play Space will be a permanent fixture at the Wash Time laundromat as part of a partnership between the Clinton Foundation and the Laundry Literacy Coalition. The foundation's Too Small to Fail program is working with the Chicago Public Library to maintain weekly story time programming at the laundromat. They currently visit twice a week. The Laundry Literacy Coalition is a national alliance between the Clinton Foundation's Too Small to Fail program, the LaundryCares Foundation and Libraries Without Borders. Since 2015, the organizations have sought to bring early literacy resources and outreach programs directly into local self-service laundromats to meet families where they are and support young children's early brain and language development.

Here’s Why Chelsea Clinton Came To Chicago To Visit A Laundromat, March 20, 2019; Chalkbeat Chicago

Chelsea Clinton decided to pay a quick visit to Kuhl’s laundromat to bring wider attention to a nascent program championed through her family foundation’s Too Small to Fail initiative. The idea is pretty simple: deliver early learning materials such as books, alphabet rugs and puppets to places families traffic such as barbershops, grocery stories, and, yes, laundromats.

Chelsea Clinton to unveil kids’ space to read, play in Belmont Cragin laundromat, March 18, 2019; Chicago Sun Times

Last year, in order to add educational resources to the free laundry days, LaundryCares partnered with Libraries Without Borders — a group fighting poverty through literacy — and the Clinton Foundation’s Too Small to Fail to launch the Laundry Literacy Coalition. The alliance came after learning spaces were added in three laundromats in New York City, where a study by an NYU professor found children engaged in 30 times more literacy activities in laundromats that had learning spaces than ones that did not.

How to Help Your Child Love Reading, March 18, 2019; Education Week

We caught up with Neuman and New York-area librarians to get their advice for parents on how best to read to your child. They're experimenting with reading to children in laundromats, partly to help model active reading techniques for parents. (The laundromat effort is a joint project of the Coin Laundry Assocation, public libraries, the Clinton Foundation's "Too Small To Fail" iniatitive and Libraries Without Borders.)

Free Laundry Day Coming to Miami Area March 25, March 18, 2019; American Coin-Op

During this event, a new literacy center will be installed in each of the two stores. These literacy centers provide books and a comfortable and engaging setting, fostering opportunities for children to read and learn while their families’ clothes and linens are laundered. Similar learning spaces have been launched in Laundromats across the nation through the Laundry Literacy Coalition, a partnership of Libraries Without Borders, Too Small to Fail, and LaundryCares.

Behind a $25 Million Plan to Elevate Women in STEM and Use their Stories to Inspire Girls, March 17, 2019; Inside Philanthropy

The Clinton Foundation’s Too Small to Fail initiative has been known to partner with the entertainment and media world to get messages and information about childhood development to parents. The Kenneth Rainin Foundation in Oakland has also targeted parents of young children through a public awareness campaign called “Talk, Read Sing.”

My Drug Overdose Saved My Life. Now I'm Saving Others., March 15, 2019; Marie Claire

In October 2018, while attending law school at the University of Chicago, I participated in the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U), a Clinton Foundation program that engages young leaders around the world in addressing pressing global challenges. I saw this as an opportunity to advocate for better opioid addiction treatment in jails and prisons. At a CGI U opioid panel, I connected with other like-minded students who inspired me to start Addicted 2 Action (A2A), an organization committed to tackling the opioid crisis by making MAT accessible to inmates. CGI U introduced me to researchers interested in measuring outcomes of MAT expansion in correctional facilities, and most importantly, to sources of funding and subsidies to help make medications like buprenorphine/naloxone and methadone available within these facilities.

Ending HIV transmission by 2030, March 4, 2019; The Harvard Gazette

The Clinton Foundation played a big role in that, for sure. And yet, making generics in India and a few other places played a big role in it too. And developing drugs that didn’t generate drug resistance, like Dolutegravir, played a big role. Now Dolutegravir is being used in Africa. For the future, newer slow-release formulations of such drugs will also be very important.

Puerto Rico Science & Research Trust Summit Focuses on Lessons from 2017, February 27, 2019; Caribbean Business

The idea of direct collaboration between various jurisdictions in the Caribbean Basin to mitigate the growing impact of phenomena linked to climate change is beginning to take hold in the region, especially with the recent visit to Puerto Rico of former President Bill Clinton and his wife, former Secretary of State and former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who announced a funding commitment of $4 million that will be used exclusively to promote sustainable agriculture projects on the island. The Clintons’ announcement was made during the recent Clinton Global Initiative meeting held in San Juan, where the topic of climate change was comprehensively addressed.

Arkansas black mayors talk election, job ahead, February 26, 2019; Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Four history-making Arkansas mayors talked race, representation and unity at the Clinton Presidential Center on Monday. Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr., Fort Smith Mayor George McGill, Pine Bluff Mayor Shirley Washington and El Dorado Mayor Veronica Smith-Creer shared reflections and stories from their campaigns and their terms so far.

Chelsea Clinton and Volunteers Team Up to Help Families That Can't Afford Diapers, February 22, 2019; Spectrum News

Among the volunteers was Chelsea Clinton. The Clinton Foundation was behind the day of action, part of an effort to mobilize people to give back to their communities. The former first daughter, now a mother of two, said diaper insecurity is an issue that spoke to her heart. "No mother, no father, no caregiver should ever have to worry about having a clean diaper. It is a fundamental, basic need," Clinton said. "So it is particularly important to me as a mom that we engage in this work and that we will stay engaged to this work, because every child deserves to have a clean diaper."

Presidents Day Celebrated In Little Rock With Free Admission At Clinton Presidential Center, February 18, 2019; KUAR

The Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock is celebrating Presidents Day with free admission on Monday. The only other day during the year that it offers free admission is in August to celebrate former President Bill Clinton’s birthday. All temporary and permanent exhibits are open, including the recently unveiled "Mighty Mississippi: A Mosaic of America’s Growth."

Billionaire philanthropist Frank Giustra revels in his life of giving, February 17, 2019; Vancouver Sun

Giustra joined the board of trustees of The Clinton Foundation and travelled the globe with Clinton, seeing first-hand the work he was doing. “He had launched his HIV/AIDs initiative, a really brilliant idea he and his people had come up with to deliver the anti-retroviral drugs to the developing world in a way they could afford. I donated a lot of money to that, and helped him raise a lot of money.” Giustra says, perhaps only half-joking, that he became “a born-again good guy.” In 2007, Giustra pitched Clinton on a new idea — the Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative. Giustra had been financing mining projects around the globe — projects that saw companies extract resources and then leave settlements once the mine was exhausted.

IBM renews code challenge to stress-test open source projects, February 13, 2019; Tech Target

IBM's Corporate Service Corps, and organizations such as the Clinton Global Initiative University, will support the Code and Response effort with training and resources. IBM also issued its next Call for Code competition, which will again focus on social impact code challenges and encourage developers to use cloud, AI, blockchain and IoT technologies to help mitigate the impacts of natural disasters.

IBM’s Code and Response is open source tech for natural disasters, February 13, 2019; Computer Weekly

IBM used its Think 2019 conference this month to announce Code and Response, a $25 million, four-year initiative to put open source technologies developed as part of coding challenges in the communities where they are needed most. Code and Response is supported by IBM, a number of international (but predominantly US) governmental links as well as NGO partners. A connected partnership with the Clinton Global Initiative University is hoped to provide college-age developers with the skills in line with this initiative

Black History Month Comes to Clinton Center, February 12, 2019; Little Rock Soirée

A number of organizations and businesses around the city are hosting a robust lineup of events celebrating National Black History Month, and the Clinton Presidential Center is one of them. "I’m thrilled that the Clinton Center is able to offer a wide variety of exciting programming to commemorate Black History Month," Clinton Foundation executive director Stephanie Streett said. "I hope that guests of all ages will join us as we celebrate." From art exhibits to music to meaningful conversation, the next few weeks at the Clinton Center are busy ones.

Clinton Center to explore impact on Mississippi River, February 11, 2019; KARK

This year, the Clinton Presidential Center's Fusion: Arts + Humanities Arkansas program will explore the impact of the Mississippi River on commerce, agriculture, environment, and culture. Throughout the month of February, the Clinton Center will bring together Mark Twain and Norman Rockwell, dozens of Arkansas educators, a GRAMMY Award-winning musician, and the foremost experts of Mississippi River history and culture.

LR accepting centerpiece sculpture entries in 'Found Objects' art contest, February 8, 2019; KARK


The City of Little Rock and the Sustainability Commission are accepting entries for the Found Objects Art Contest, sponsored by the new exhibit Washed Ashore: Art to Save the Sea coming in April to the Clinton Presidential Center. Individuals and organizations are invited to create sculptures constructed from found litter. The plan is to have the creations submitted and possibly chosen as centerpieces for the upcoming sustainability summit at the Clinton Library on March 28.

Chelsea Clinton shares insights on public health, February 8, 2019; Cornell Chronicle

In a conversation with Dr. Rainu Kaushal, chair of the Department of Healthcare Policy and Research, before a small audience of invited guests, Clinton highlighted the genesis of the Clinton Foundation, the nonprofit organization founded by her father, former U.S. President Bill Clinton, where she serves as vice chair, and its work in public health and advocacy. She discussed the value of mentorship and those who influenced her life, her academic career, and the importance of work-life balance… Another of the many children’s health issues Clinton is currently focusing on is childhood obesity. With the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, a nonprofit founded by the Clinton Foundation and the American Heart Association, she is working to increasing health and wellness by emphasizing healthier food options and increased physical activity in schools nationwide.

Clinton Center to celebrate Presidents’ Day with free admission, February 7, 2019; The Pine Bluff Commercial

The Clinton Presidential Center at Little Rock will celebrate Presidents’ Day with free admission from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday, Feb. 18… The permanent exhibits chronicle history at the turn of the 21st century. The full-scale replica of the Oval Office and White House Cabinet Room reconstruction give visitors an inside look at working in the White House, according to the release. Other exhibits include 13 policy alcoves and an interactive 110-foot timeline within which the history of the Clinton Administration unfolds. The third floor includes exhibits about life in the White House: the splendor of state events, gifts from foreign heads of state, the spirit of holiday celebrations, and how the Clintons made the White House their home. The Clinton Center’s temporary exhibits give visitors a chance to always see something new.

Chelsea Clinton visits Balboa Park for panel on collaboration to help vulnerable children, February 7, 2019; San Diego Union-Tribune

Chelsea Clinton joined San Diego County health officials and vulnerable teens on Thursday in Balboa Park for a panel discussion about how to better help children in the county’s child welfare and juvenile justice systems. The panel focused on the progress of a collaboration between the Clinton Foundation’s Health Matters Initiative, the county and the San Diego Foundation to study factors that lead to poor health outcomes and a higher rate of children of color in the justice system and foster care.

Chelsea Clinton in San Diego for youth justice talk, February 7, 2019; CBS 8

Former first daughter, Chelsea Clinton was in San Diego on Thursday for the Youth Justice Talk. Clinton lead a roundtable talk on empowering youth who have been affected by the juvenile justice system and getting them the resources, they need… During the roundtable talk, which took place at The Prado in Balboa Park, Clinton also spoke with dozens of community partners, including the county health and human services director, Nick Macchione.

Make Jamaica Green Again: 10 Powerful Women Leading The Sustainability Movement, February 7, 2019; Forbes

Allison, a Marine Biologist, is the Chief Technical Director at the Environment Foundation of Jamaica (EFJ), an institute which helps the environment and child survival & development projects. She is also a member of the Women in Renewable Energy Network launched by the Clinton Foundation.s

Clinton Presidential Center shares history of 'The Mighty Mississippi', February 7, 2019; Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

It has been called "the spine of our nation," a geographical feature that splits the nation almost in half. It has been the site of triumph and tragedy, a source of dreams and inspiration. Now, the Mississippi River is the focus of a new temporary exhibit at the Clinton Presidential Center: "The Mighty Mississippi: A Mosaic of America's Growth," open Saturday through March 3. "The exhibit really explores the river's impact on the growth of America, its impact on the environment, economy, culture, commerce, transportation, literature," explains Ben Thielemier, communications manager for the Clinton Foundation. It explores all that through an eclectic collection of objects that Thielemier describes as "a cross-section. Just a glimpse at the incredible impact this river has had on the growth of our country."

Chef José Andrés and Sovereignty over Puerto Rico’s Agricultural Sector, February 4, 2019; Nonprofit Quarterly

Chef José Andrés and his nonprofit World Central Kitchen (WCK) have launched a new initiative aimed at rebuilding the island’s agricultural economy and, importantly, making it less reliant on external support. In its first grantmaking cycle last fall, “Plow to Plate” awarded more than $540,000 in grants to small farmers and food-related entrepreneurs in Puerto Rico. And after an announcement last week that the Clinton Global Initiative has made a $2 million commitment to the project—which WCK will match—the initiative is poised for significant growth.

President Varela, Bill Clinton inaugurate 40-MW solar complex in Panama, February 4, 2019; Renewables Now

Panama’s president Juan Carlos Varela Rodriguez, accompanied by former US president Bill Clinton, inaugurated on Friday the 40-MW solar complex IKAKOS in the city of David, Chiriqui province, president Varela’s website said... The inauguration of the IKAKOS solar farm also served as the launch of InterEnergy’s SER plan, which is part of the commitment made at the 2013 Clinton Global Initiative meeting to offering large clients 100% renewable energy.  

4 from Arkansas selected as Presidential Leadership Scholars; program begins this week in D.C., February 3, 2019; Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Four Arkansans are among the 60 people chosen this year to be Presidential Leadership Scholars, according to the Clinton Foundation. The program kicks off Tuesday in Washington, D.C. Over the course of several months, they will learn about leadership through the experiences of four former presidents -- Lyndon Johnson, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush -- and will visit those presidents' libraries.

Hillary Clinton and John Kasich: We cannot cede ground on animal poaching, February 1, 2019; Washington Post

This is an issue that we both have endeavored to shine light on, in and out of office. One of us (Clinton) worked with President Barack Obama to draw attention to African elephant poaching in the 2000s — when close to two-thirds of all remaining forest elephants were wiped out to meet the global demand for ivory — and embraced a strategy in 2013 through the Clinton Global Initiative to stop the killing and trafficking of elephants.

A Day of Action: Clinton Foundation, Arkansas Foodbank Helps People Impacted by Government Shutdown, January 31, 2019; KARK

Staff and volunteers with the Clinton Foundation and the Arkansas Foodbank packed up boxes on Thursday for people affected by the government shutdown. It was called "A Day of Action." They sorted and packed 10,000 baby diapers, and the book called "Diaper Time is Talk Time". Those diapers will be available for pick up at several locations in Little Rock starting this weekend.

Clinton Center to feature Cultural Heroes, honoring 7 Civil Rights icons, January 31, 2019; The Pine Bluff Commercial

The Clinton Presidential Center’s temporary exhibit, Cultural Heroes, will debut Saturday, Feb. 23, as part of the center’s Black History Month celebration. Cultural Heroes is a collection of seven larger-than-life clay sculptures created by Nashville, Tennessee-based artist Alan LeQuire, according to a news release. Each sculpture represents a musician who shaped the soundtrack of the Civil Rights movement…“Alan’s Cultural Heroes sculptures beautifully capture the heart and soul of these amazing performers and civil rights pioneers,” said Stephanie S. Streett, executive director of the Clinton Foundation. “We are thrilled to share his work with our visitors and hope that they walk away with a greater appreciation of the artists, their music, and their contribution to civil rights.”

The Clinton Foundation aids Puerto Rico, January 31, 2019; Axios

This week, the Clintons brought together hundreds of corporate, NGO and government leaders for the Clinton Foundation’s CGI meeting in San Juan. The mission was to help Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the rest of the region continue to recover from last year’s hurricanes and build capacity to become more resilient. Read more about the week here. CGI announced 39 new commitments and partnerships on food security, access to health care, small business support, sustainable tourism, the opioid epidemic and renewable energy. The Comeback Foundation ... Undeterred by false claims that the Clinton Foundation had shut down after the 2016 election, officials say they have expanded its work with fresh momentum and more support. An official told me: "Very few leaders know how to get people to work together as effectively as Bill Clinton, and hundreds of millions of people around the world are still benefiting from the thousands of CGI commitments launched since 2005."

After feeding an island, José Andrés and his nonprofit now want to help Puerto Rico feed itself, January 30, 2019; Washington Post

The recipient list will soon multiply, thanks to the Clinton Global Initiative, which has committed $2 million to World Central Kitchen, Andrés announced Tuesday afternoon from the stage of the CGI Action Network Post-Disaster Recovery meeting in San Juan. World Central Kitchen plans to match CGI’s commitment and channel most of the $4 million, over a five-year period, into 213 small farms and other food-related businesses, Mook said. The rest will be invested in agricultural and business skills training, as well as an agritourism program that will place volunteers on farms and businesses around the island.

Bill Clinton pledges help for Caribbean after '17 hurricanes, January 30, 2019; Associated Press

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton announced dozens of projects Tuesday aimed at helping Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands recover from a deadly 2017 hurricane season as part of a two-day conference in the U.S. territory organized by his foundation. The announcement comes as the region struggles to rebuild more than a year after hurricanes Irma and Maria caused billions of dollars in damage in Puerto Rico, Dominica, Antigua, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and other spots. "Our work is far from over," Clinton said. "The work is not for those with short attention spans." More than 550 people representing more than 400 organizations attended the conference of the Clinton Global Initiative, which Clinton created to help raise attention and money for causes worldwide.

Inside the Clintons’ Dinner with Lin-Manuel Miranda and George Clooney During Puerto Rico Trip, January 29, 2019; People Magazine

The Clintons are in Puerto Rico as their foundation’s Clinton Global Initiative launches 30 new efforts amid a broader push to help rebuild and revitalize the territory, whose infrastructure was pummeled by the deadly Hurricane Maria in September 2017… the main purpose of the trip for the former president and his wife, a former secretary of state and New York senator, has been focusing on their foundation. Among the efforts is a model farm for Andrés’ World Central Kitchen and a nursery for reforesting the area. On Sunday, 30,000 lbs. of medical supplies were airlifted in to be distributed among the island’s rural communities. 

'Cultural Heroes' heads to Clinton Center for Black History Month, January 29, 2019; Arkansas Times

Sculptor Alan LeQuire of Nashville was inspired by the giant sculpted heads of the kings of France he saw in Paris to create "Cultural Heroes," sculptures of American royalty of a different kind: Musicians whose songs gave voice to campaigns for civil rights. The exhibition of colossal clay heads, lifesized times four, opens Feb. 23 as part of the Clinton Presidential Center's celebration of Black History Month. Seven sculptures will be included in the temporary exhibition, representations of Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday, Lead Belly, Paul Robeson, Woody Guthrie, Marian Anderson, and Josh White.

Foundation for Puerto Rico, P.E.C.E.S. and small businesses show recovery efforts to Clinton Foundation, January 28, 2019; Caribbean Business

In April, the Clinton Foundation, as part of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Action Network, recognized FPR’s work in providing capital and mentoring to small businesses after Hurricane María. FPR committed to expanding the Bottom Up Destination Recovery Initiative in partnership with local nonprofits Centro para Emprendedores, Grupo Guayacán, Kiva, and Fundación Banco Popular, among others.

Clintons to Host Meeting on Disaster Recovery in San Juan, January 28, 2019; Caribbean Business

The Clinton-hosted meeting will include more than 500 leaders from business, government, and philanthropy to make commitments to support recovery on Puerto Rico and across the Caribbean region. At the meeting, participants will discuss “the current recovery efforts in the region, progress to date, ongoing challenges, and Commitments to Action” announced at the Action Network’s August meeting in Miami last year.

José Andrés’s Nonprofit Served 11,400 Meals to Furloughed Workers in One Day, January 25, 2019; Eater

While World Central Kitchen is a chef-led nonprofit at its heart, the #ChefsForFeds initiative is getting help from outside the restaurant industry. The Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock, Arkansas is serving as a base for World Central Kitchen in Arkansas, providing a central location for furloughed workers to pick up hot meals. 

Food, chicken, laundry among the help offered federal workers in Arkansas, January 25, 2019; Arkansas Times

The Clinton Center and the Excaliburger food truck, with Kyle Pounder and Megan Thompson responding to Chef Jose Andres' world central kitchen effort, have been serving food at the presidential library.  Earlier in the week, volunteers packed food and other items at the library. Bill and Hillary Clinton paid for a hot dinner served last night at 42 Bar and Table and Bill Clinton called in to offer support to the crowd… On Monday, the Clinton Foundation will partner with the Coin Laundry Association and the Laundry Cares Foundation for a free laundry day.

Food distribution set for federal workers, January 21, 2019; Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Food and other items collected for unpaid federal workers and contractors will be distributed Friday morning from a cargo building at the Little Rock airport. Volunteers from First United Methodist Church in downtown Little Rock, the United Way, the Hunger Relief Alliance, the Arkansas Foodbank, the Clinton Presidential Center, and some federal workers spent Wednesday at the church sorting and boxing the food and other items for delivery at the cargo building, Carter said.

California Commits to Zero-Emissions Bus Fleet by 2040, December 18, 2018; Green Tech Media

California regulators have committed the state to ending fossil fuel use for its roughly 12,000-strong transit bus fleet by 2040, another long-term commitment to reducing the state’s carbon emissions that are already being driven by the economics of electrifying transit and school buses…The Clinton Global Initiative recently led a demonstration project, supported by the California Energy Commission, South Coast Air Quality Management District, and NRG/EVgo, to deploy a total of six V2G-enabled school buses at three districts in California. The pilot found that each bus could generate $6,100 annually in V2G revenues.

Churches needed to help stem opioid crisis, December 15, 2018; Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Little Rock area faith leaders have partnered with the Clinton Foundation, the Arkansas Department of Health and Interfaith Arkansas to help fight the opioid epidemic in Arkansas. The partnership is a component of the continued work by the foundation's Clinton Health Matters Initiative to help faith leaders build a knowledge base and familiarity about opioid abuse -- a topic that isn't always openly discussed in houses of worship -- and how to address the issue in ways that encourage open discussion and facilitate substance abuse resources if needed.

New Alliance to Promote Early Literacy Through Laundromats Nationwide, December 10, 2018; The American Coin-Op

“Our work has shown that Laundromats are important spaces with great potential to meet parents and families where they are to promote children’s early literacy development,” says Jane Park Woo, deputy director of Too Small to Fail. “We look forward to growing our partnership with the LaundryCares Foundation, Libraries Without Borders, and other organizations to launch new and innovative tools and strategies to promote children’s early literacy development through Laundromats nationwide.”

When doctors say ‘Read,’ new parents listen, November 29, 2018; The Hechinger Report

“Our theory and our strategy proved to be true,” said Patti Miller, the CEO of Too Small to Fail. “We’re so excited about this research because we know the pediatrician, as a trusted messenger, can really make a difference. We’re excited to take this and scale it to hospitals across the country...” The Too Small to Fail campaign isn’t just dependent on doctors. Miller said her staff has worked with writers of popular TV shows, including “Orange is the New Black” and “Jane the Virgin” to insert plot points that model talking, reading and singing with small children. Too Small to Fail is also developing unique telenovelas in partnership with Univision, working to create “language-rich spaces” in laundromats across the country and considering a move into clinics for women, infants, and children receiving government support. They’ve also handed out more than a million books since launching in 2013, Miller said. 

Puerto Rico plots out total switch to green energy by 2050, November 27, 2018; Mother Nature Network

"We are honored that the Clinton Foundation and the Solar Foundation have been instrumental in galvanizing this much need donation which will lead the way in transforming the largest produce market in San Juan and Puerto Rico. Having access to solar energy will ensure dozens of small business owners will not to be hostage to an unreliable electrical infrastructure. The way of the future is made possible today by those that believe we are all entitled to better life," remarks San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz.

CS Student Vien Yadavongsy and Team Win First Place at CGIU Codeathon, November 20, 2018; Illinois Tech Today

The two-day coding challenge, hosted by former President Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton, invited undergraduate and graduate students with a background in technology and design to develop unique digital prototypes and tools that could increase the effectiveness of response and recovery efforts following natural disasters.

New Caribbean Alliance Drives Clean Energy Funds Into Region to Replace Diesel, November 19, 2018; Forbes

Prime Minister Andrew Holness said renewable energy expansion could create jobs, which theoretically would help citizens afford electric power and reduce electricity theft and energy poverty. "If Jamaica does it, and they're successful doing it, it will encourage regionalization and aggregation of the idea," said Neil Parsan, Former Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago to the U.S. and founder of Parsan Cross. Jamaica isn't starting from zero. Its Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology says it has already attracted renewable energy projects, including efforts funded by the Clinton Climate Initiative.   

First Phase Begins for Solar, Energy Efficiency Project at Río Piedras market, November 14, 2018; Caribbean Business


Officials from The Solar Foundation, the Clinton Foundation and the municipality of San Juan announced that work has begun on the first phase of the installation of solar and energy efficiency upgrades of the Plaza del Mercado de Río Piedras in San Juan, with installation of LED lighting that is expected to be completed later this month. The Hispanic Federation and the Center for Disaster Philanthropy have committed two grants totaling $1.1 million in funding for the project, which will also include installation of solar panels and batteries for the market. This work, being undertaken through the Solar Saves Lives initiative led by The Solar Foundation and the Clinton Foundation, is being done at the request of, and in close coordination with, the Municipality of San Juan.

Solar Foundation and Clinton Foundation plan 250-kW solar+storage installation at Puerto Rico produce market, November 13, 2018; Solar Power World

The Solar Foundation, the Clinton Foundation and the municipality of San Juan have announced that work has begun on the first phase of the installation of solar and energy efficiency upgrades of the Plaza del Mercado produce market in Río Piedras, with installation of LED lighting that is expected to be completed later this month. 

Clinton Presidential Library provides a unique look into the last 8 years of the 20th century, November 12, 2018; FOX 2 St. Louis 

Riverbanks are rich with stories, and the bridges that span them as well.  And if you head to the south bank of the Arkansas River in central Arkansas, you`ll find yourself in Little Rock at the William J. Clinton Presidential Center & Park.

At Clinton Initiative Conference, Twelve Cornell Students and Alumni Explore How They Can Change the World, November 7, 2018; Cornell Daily Sun

At the Clinton Global Initiative University in Chicago in late October, Cornell students and alumni met individuals from all over the world to discuss ideas and share their experience in launching social ventures, which aim to tackle specific social issues in their communities.

Bill, Hillary, Chelsea Clinton Speak at Closing Session of CGI U, Chicago Maroon; October 22, 2018

The family of three, whom Gayle described as “national and international treasures,” discussed optimism in the face of political uncertainty and urged the audience to be vigilant of future threats of climate change, distrust in vaccinations, and flawed cybersecurity systems. The Clinton's also reflected on combating increasing cultural and political divisiveness.

Chelsea Clinton leads students in South Side day of action on global forum's last day, Chicago Tribune; October 21, 2018

On the final day of the weekend long CGI University program, created in 2007 to engage student leaders on college campuses around the world, the problem-solvers gathered for a day of action at the XS Tennis Village in Washington Park. To date, the foundation has hosted 32 days of action in the U.S. and abroad.

Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton speak to future leaders at the University of Chicago, ABC Chicago; October 20, 2018

The Clintons sought to inspire the next generation of civic leaders, while also addressing the current political divide in the country. Their visit comes less than three weeks before the midterm elections.

Bill Clinton comments on ‘separatist’ politics, Chicago violence at U of C, Chicago Sun-Times; October 19, 2018 

Hosting several young activists from around the world, former President Bill Clinton on Friday argued that harder policing isn’t the solution to Chicago violence. Chelsea Clinton also commented about the nation’s political divides in her remarks before she introduced her father at the Clinton Foundation event, held at the University of Chicago.

Too Small to Fail: An Early Childhood Literacy Program Expands with New Funding, Inside Philanthropy; October 19, 2018

The Clinton Foundation’s Too Small to Fail initiative is best known in the early childhood learning field for its work to help parents to nurture their children’s development at home. The initiative has worked with laundromats to provide books for parents to use while they do laundry. It’s also partnered with TV networks and producers to include educational storylines on popular TV shows to address the importance of early parental interactions with children.

Student and alumnus create earthquake warning system, Daily Trojan; October 9, 2018 

After winning several competitions that have been critical to launching Lighthaus, Logsdon and Gibbons are taking their project to the Clinton Global Initiative University Conference, which serves as a platform for undergraduate and graduate students to discuss innovative ideas. If the two raise the most money in their GoFundMe campaign, they will receive an award from former president Bill Clinton and his daughter Chelsea.  

Disruptive Solutions to Our Health Care Challenges, The Doctors Farmacy (Podcast); September 2018 

I was so honored to sit down with Chelsea recently and talk about her initiatives. As vice chair of the Clinton Foundation, Chelsea works alongside the Foundation’s leadership and partners to help create greater opportunities for people to build better futures for themselves, their families, and their communities. Their projects include the Alliance for a Healthier Generation which was co-created with the American Heart Association. For more than a decade, Healthier Generation has been empowering kids to develop lifelong healthy habits by ensuring the environments that surround them provide and promote good health.

Six local schools named to the 2018 list of "America's Healthiest Schools!", FOX Carolina; September 20, 2018 

 Six schools in the Upstate have been named to the Alliance for a Healthier Generation's list of "America's Healthiest Schools". The list, containing 461 schools, is comprised of schools that meet a rigorous set of criteria. Criteria includes serving healthier meals and snacks, getting students moving more, offering high-quality health and physical education and empowering school leaders to become healthy role models.

Several California Schools Recognized as Some of the Healthiest in the Country, NBC Los Angeles; September 20, 2018

The organization released a list in which 461 schools around the country were recognized for healthy practices such as offering healthy breakfasts daily, implementing wellness policies and at least 60 minutes of physical education a week.

Hillary Clinton celebrates crafts at Little Rock exhibit, Arkansas Democrat Gazette; September 17, 2018

Stephanie Streett, the executive director of the Clinton Foundation, credits Hillary Clinton with bringing more diverse artists to the White House and with spearheading the original craft exhibit. "She believed that art was a critical component of our culture, and it should be accessible to everyone," Streett said.

Students tackle pressing global challenges, UChicago News; September 7, 2018 

Such social impact projects here and at universities around the world will receive critical new support starting in October when UChicago hosts the Clinton Global Initiative University. The transformative experience brings together more than 1,000 undergraduate and graduate students, including 150 students from UChicago, to meet with topic experts, academic leaders and other influential voices.

Only in Arkansas: Clinton Center Volunteers, NBC Little Rock; September 6, 2018

Nearly 14 years ago, the Clinton Presidential Center and Library opened in downtown Little Rock. The can't miss building in the heart of the capital city has a unique feature that is often overlooked. "Every day that I walk into this building, I am just filled with a sense of awe," adds Ann Kamps, Manager of Volunteer Services at the Clinton Presidential Center.

Parents as Teachers: Another Way Funders Seek to Bolster Early Childhood Learning, Inside Philanthropy; August 29, 2018 

The Clinton Foundation’s Too Small to Fail initiative takes a similar approach. The initiative partners with trusted messengers like pediatricians, church leaders, community-based organizations and even entertainment industry executives to deliver information about what parents should do at home to make sure kids will be ready by the time they reach school.

Three Ways To Maximize Your Impact With New Technology, Forbes; August 22, 2018 

You may even see opportunities to collaborate -- after all, nonprofits aren't competitors if they're working toward complementary goals. For example, when I worked with the Clinton Global Initiative, we weren't simply a siloed branch of the Clinton Foundation. We existed as a platform for people both within and outside the greater Clinton Foundation to communicate and share resources that could leave a lasting mark on the world.

An Entrepreneur On A Mission To Help Americans Discover Superfood Moringa, Forbes; August 21, 2018 

By creating partnerships with small farming cooperatives in Ghana and Haiti, private foundations like the Clinton Foundation and major retailers such as Whole Foods Market, Kulikuli created a truly sustainable and philanthropic business model. 

Life Is Worth Living In Three Dimensions; Forbes, August 12, 2018 

For the past six months, I’ve had the opportunity to participate in PLS, a leadership development program implemented by four presidential libraries or centers. During the program, 59 of us from different states, professional fields and backgrounds have explored leadership, history and public service while learning more about one another. The program, like a good writing instructor, has challenged us to view each other in three dimensions, consistently choosing to see each other as real people—people with depth and complication—and to entertain curiosity about that depth.

Clinton, Bloomberg, Expedia Announce Solar Projects on St. Thomas, St. John; St. John Source; August 10, 2018

The solarization project, done in collaboration with the Bloomberg Philanthropies and the Expedia Group, saw solar systems installed at the Family Resource Center on St. Thomas, St. John Christian Academy and Gifft Hill School, also on St. John. According to the Clinton Foundation, the solar panels, batteries and cost of installation are funded by the Expedia Group in partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies, Construction for Change and the Sextant Foundation.

Clinton Calls St. Lucia ‘A Clean Energy Leader in the Caribbean’, the Voice of St. Lucia; August 9, 2018

The Vieux Fort South MP then outlined the role played by former Minister of Sustainable Development and Energy Dr. James Fletcher, in building that coalition and “with the blessings of the cabinet of ministers, enlisted the support of the Clinton Climate Initiative.”

Former President Clinton Visits UM To Discuss Initiatives For 2018 Hurricane Season, CBS Miami; August 7, 2018

Clinton noted that it takes years to recover from hurricane damage and noted that areas impacted were already suffering from widespread unemployment and have a desperate need for renewable energy.

Speaking In Miami, Bill Clinton Emphasizes Public-Private Partnerships For Hurricane Recovery, WLRN/Miami Public Radio; August 7, 2018

The event, organized by the Clinton Global Initiative and hosted by the University of Miami, aimed in part to introduce people working on hurricane recovery projects to potential funders. Those projects are helping Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Antigua & Barbuda and Dominica build back stronger after last year’s devastating hurricane season.

BLOG: Bill's Library, Worth Visiting in Little Rock, NBC Little Rock; July 17, 2018

The place not only shows William J. Clinton’s era but also depicts how his wife Hillary Clinton worked for the welfare and betterment of women and children as the First Lady. In the library one can see a bicycle used by Bill. The place also shows life at the White House and some articles used by him at the White House are also kept there.

Immigration among topics Bush, Clinton mention to scholars, Assoicated Press; July 13, 2018

Bush and former President Bill Clinton spoke Thursday to graduating students of the Presidential Leadership Scholars program at the Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock. During a discussion before the ceremony, Clinton also warned of growing global Chinese leadership.

VIDEO: Bill Clinton, George W. Bush in Little Rock urge scholars to serve, Arkansas Democrat Gazette; July 13, 2018; 

Broadening horizons, seeing humanity in the world and fearlessly forging ahead in changing times is the key to successfully living a life of service, former U.S. Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton said Thursday during graduation ceremonies of the fourth Presidential Leadership Scholars Program.

Former Presidents Clinton, Bush Speak At Presidential Leadership Scholars Graduation, NBC Little Rock; July 12, 2018 

The 2018 class of Presidential Leadership Scholars is comprised of doctors, veterans, corporate professionals, attorneys, public servants, educators, and more. Over the past six months, the 59 Scholars have come together to collaborate and make a difference in the world as they learn about leadership through the lens of the presidential experiences of George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Lyndon B. Johnson.

Farm to fork: Innovations reshaping smallholders’ market access, Spore; July 10, 2018 

The 2018 class of Presidential Leadership Scholars is comprised of doctors, veterans, corporate professionals, attorneys, public servants, educators, and more. Over the past six months, the 59 Scholars have come together to collaborate and make a difference in the world as they learn about leadership through the lens of the presidential experiences of George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Lyndon B. Johnson.

Clinton, Bush plan joint appearance in Little Rock, Arkansas Times; July 4, 2018 

Former Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton will make a joint appearance in Little Rock next week before the 59 members of the 2018 class of presidential leadership scholars.

Ask The CMO: Craig Minassian On Selling 'Good' News With Character-Driven Storytelling, Forbes; July 1, 2018

“For NGOs, storytelling often starts with thinking about and, more importantly, having respect for the story of the people an organization serves” -- Clinton Foundation Chief Communciations & Marketing Officer, Craig Minassian

Chelsea Clinton debuts 'Talking is Teaching' campaign in New Orleans, New Orleans Times-Picayune; June 21, 2018

The Parenting Center at Children's Hospital New Orleans launched the "Talking is Teaching: Talk, Read, Sing" campaign in partnership with the Clinton Foundation's "Too Small to Fail" initiative. The campaign involves partnerships with the Touro Family Birthing Center, West Jefferson Medical Center Family Birth Place, Children's Pediatrics Clinics and the New Orleans Health Department to share books and tips with parents about talking, reading, and singing with their children after birth.

Chelsea Clinton visits New Orleans to introduce ‘Talking is Teaching’ campaign(link is external), ABC New Orleans; June 21, 2018

New Orleans will become the 14th city in the nation to implement a local Talking is Teaching campaign, and the program is being funded through a grant of $150,000 from Kohl’s. It's a branch of the Clinton Foundation's  “Too Small to Fail” initiative to raise awareness among parents and caregivers about early learning and brain development, boosting vocabulary in children.

Clinton Foundation’s Too Small to Fail Initiative Promotes Early Childhood Development with Free Educational Resources and Programs(link is external),; June 19, 2018

 Too Small to Fail, an initiative of the Clinton Foundation, provides resources to help parents and caregivers make the most of the crucial years between birth and age 5 when children begin to develop fundamental skills like literacy and mathematical proficiency. The program also provides resources for socio-emotional development and health so children are able to productively navigate school and life. By fostering learning and emotional well-being in children, parents can lay the foundation for the type of academic excellence that often translates to financial success in adulthood. 

Strive to live healthier lifestyles, Natchez Democrat; June 8, 2018 

“Like most of Mississippi, Adams County is a rural county that has many health disparities due to poverty and limited access to healthy foods, physical activity, and quality primary healthcare,” a Clinton Foundation health matters initiative 2015 report states.

Petersfield High students exposed to careers in energy(link is external), Loop Jamaica; June 4, 2018 

“We at the Clinton Climate Initiative were thrilled to participate in today’s session because we know that youth are the future. When the students of Petersfield High School grow into the leaders of tomorrow, they will have the power to build a future that is brighter, healthier, and more prosperous for the people of Jamaica.” 

Interview With Chelsea Clinton, Raising Imagination; May 30, 2018

Through the Clinton Foundation, we have always worked on a wide-range of issues where we believe we can uniquely make a sustainable impact, and what inspires me most is meeting the people we help.

How solar emergency microgrids provide resilience to vulnerable communities, PV Magazine; May 21, 2018 

On April 3, on behalf of the Clinton Global Initiative, President Bill Clinton announced the Solar Saves Lives project, a coalition made up of the Solar Foundation, Direct Relief, the Hispanic Federation, the Puerto Rico Primary Care Association Network, and New Energy PR. This group is working together to coordinate installation of solar emergency microgrids at 12 of the 62 hospitals and medical clinics in Puerto Rico.

Sneak peek: The Clintons tout "life-changing work", Axios; May 24, 2018 

President Clinton and Chelsea Clinton write in a letter: “It has been a productive time for the Clinton Foundation. ... Every day, we build upon the simple belief that everyone deserves a chance to succeed, everyone has a responsibility to act, and that we all do better when we work together.”

Panel Of Experts Looks At The Opioid Crisis In Shelby County, Local Memphis; May 15, 2018 

“We're working with folks who are broken, so we have to make sure that our system is not broken. We have a broken system trying to address broken people and that is not going to work,” said Dr. Tionna Jenkins, Senior Advisor with the Clinton Foundation

A Major Gift Underscores the Role of Childcare Providers in Early Learning, Inside Philanthropy; May 10, 2018

As evidence keeps piling up that early childhood learning is critical to the long-term development and success of kids, more foundations and philanthropists are looking for ways to give young children a boost before they start kindergarten. Some are focused on promoting pre-K programs, while others are working to equip parents to better foster early development. The Kenneth Rainin Foundation’s Talk, Read, Singinitiative fits that bill, as does the Clinton Foundation’s Too Small to Fail initiative.

Doctor works to save youth from violence before they reach his ER, CNN; April 30, 2018 

2018 PLS Scholar Dr. Rob Gore was named a “CNN Hero” last week for his work in violence-prevention in Brooklyn, NY. 

Group Releases Redesigned Early-Ed. Professional Development Program, Education Week; April 27, 2018 

The early-childhood initiative of the Clinton Foundation has released a newly revamped, free online professional development program designed to help teachers promote early learning.

Allison Rangolan: A Woman in Energy, Jamaica Gleaner; April 26, 2018 

This is an article featuring WIRE network member Allison Rangolan. The network was launched by the Clinton Climate Initiative to address the lack of women leaders in renewable energy industries of island nations.

Three students named delegates to Clinton Foundation conference, Cornell Chronicle; April 23, 2018

Saloni Verma ’18, Kiyan Rajabi ’18 and Imani Majied ’19 have all received early-decision notification from the Clinton Foundation that they will be delegates to the Clinton Global Initiatives University (CGI U) conference at the University of Chicago in October.

The Power Of Relational Leadership, Forbes; April 16, 2018 

2018 Presidential Leadership Scholar John Coleman published this article, where he recapped the 2nd module of the PLS program. This is the second article Coleman has published on this subject. 

Three Ways To Craft A Nonprofit Model That Appeals To Millennials, Forbes; April 16, 2018 

I once worked at CGI University, founded by the Clinton Foundation, and I learned a great deal about how the organization manages to garner the attention of young people through unique educational opportunities.

Searching For The Right Leadership Style, Forbes; April 12, 2018 

This year, I’ve had a chance to reflect on this topic participating in the Presidential Leadership Scholars (PLS) program. Founded through a partnership between the presidential centers of George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush and Lyndon B. Johnson, the non-partisan program allows participants to study history and leadership through the lens of the presidency while completing a personal project for social good.


Our home is your home: President Bill Clinton and Senator George Mitchell receive Freedom of City of Belfast on Good Friday Agreement anniversary, Belfast Telegraph; April 10, 2018 

Former US President Bill Clinton and Senator George Mitchell have been made Freemen of the City of Belfast in a ceremony to mark the 20th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement, with the Lord Mayor of Belfast telling them "our home is your home".

St. Croix Federation of Teachers to administer health screenings, Virgin Islands Daily News; April 9, 2018 

Other partners providing support for the project are the Clinton Global Initiative, Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands, AirLink and the Seafarers Union. The effort is part of the comprehensive recovery assistance the AFT has been implementing since Hurricanes Irma and Maria. The union also plans to provide Kohler water purification systems to V.I. schools as needed.

Community Foundation of the V.I. attends Clinton Global Initiative, Virgin Islands Daily News; April 9, 2018 

The Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands joined more than 300 business, government and philanthropic leaders throughout the United States and the Caribbean at the Clinton Global Initiative Action Network on Post-Disaster Recovery roundtable meeting in Miami, Florida

Clinton Foundation wants Caribbean to ‘build back better’, Caribbean Life; April 6, 2018 

Over six months since Hurricanes Irma and Maria devastated some Caribbean islands, former United States President Bill Clinton has brought his foundation to Miami, proposing to “build back better” parts of the region, according to the University of Miami (UM).

Bill Clinton addresses opioid epidemic at Rx Summit, WYMY News Eastern Kentucky; April 4, 2018

Ending the third day of the 2018 National Rx Drug Abuse and Heroin Summit in Atlanta, Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States, delivered a speech to the thousands who attended the summit.

Former President Bill Clinton joins Caribbean leaders of post-hurricane relief, WSVN (FOX Miami); April 3, 2018 

Former President Bill Clinton was joined by leaders across the Caribbean at the University of Miami to discuss solutions for hurricane recovery needs.

Can The Caribbean Really Begin To Lead The World On Climate Resiliency?, News America Now; April 3, 2018 

Former US President Bill Clinton thinks it can happen on climate resiliency. His comments come as he formally launched his Clinton Global Initiative Post-Disaster Recovery Action Network for the Caribbean at the University of Miami Tuesday.

The hurricane-struck Caribbean is still recovering. But islands are getting help, Miami Herald; April 3, 2018

Modeled after the Clinton Foundation’s 2010 Haiti earthquake response, the initiative is aimed at helping the U.S. territories of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands along with Dominica and other Caribbean territories obtain long-term investments to help with their recovery.

El expresidente Clinton presentará en Miami plan de recuperación tras huracanes, EFE; March 30, 2018 

El expresidente de Estados Unidos, Bill Clinton (1993-2001) presentará el próximo martes en Miami la nueva Red de Acción de Iniciativa Global Clinton (CGI, en inglés), encaminada a la recuperación tras la ocurrencia de huracanes en el Caribe, informó hoy la Fundación Clinton.

Designer Victor Glemaud Returned Home to Haiti With the Clinton Foundation—And Photographed the Trip for Vogue,Vogue; March 30, 2018 

Glemaud, who was born in the island’s capital, Port-au-Prince, and moved to the U.S. when he was 3 years old, visited at the invitation of the Clinton Foundation, to attend an event produced by the Haitian Action Network, an organization focused on women’s empowerment and enterprise initiatives.

Luncheon at Clinton Center will honor Maya Angelou, Arkansas Times; March 30 2018

On April 19, in honor of what would have been Maya Angelou's 90th birthday, the Celebrate! Maya Project will host a luncheon to honor the literary icon at the Clinton Presidential Center's Great Hall. Angelou, who died in 2014 at the age of 86, spent part of her childhood in the small South Arkansas town of Stamps. Her experience there formed the basis for her classic I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

An 'eggs-tra' special day for patients at AR Children's Hospital, KATV Little Rock; March 28, 2018 

Volunteers and staff from the Clinton Foundation teamed up with Arkansas Children's Hospital Tuesday to accomplish an 'eggs-tra' special goal -- give the patients a reason to forget they are in the hospital.

Female survivors of war: How homeless, ousted women in Uganda rebuilt their lives, The Big Think; March 27, 2018 

The Big Think released a second feature on CGI U alumni Agnes Igoye last week. This video was an extra addition to a larger series produced by the Big Think showcasing some of our extraordinary CGI U alumni. 

Clinton Health Matters Initiative event encourages forming partnerships to address poverty, Knox County Register Mail; March 13, 2018 

The Knox County Clinton Health Matters Initiative hosted a  roundtable where experts encouraged local community organizations to form partnerships so they can increase their impact when addressing poverty and other needs. 

‘Blueprint for Action’ to improve health and well-being of families in San Diego, KUSI San Diego; March 12, 2018 

There’s a plan to improve the health and well-being of children and families in San Diego and it’s called the “Blueprint For Action.”
KUSI was joined by Chief Executive Officer of the “Clinton Health Matters” initiative — Alex Chan — with more.

Chelsea Clinton's message to women for International Women's Day: 'We have to keep going', ABC News; March 7, 2018 

Chelsea Clinton believes that women's initiatives have advanced in some ways, but there are still many women who haven't been reached. "I just think that, while we’ve made progress, we have so much work to do until every girl and every woman is protected, supported and empowered to be whatever they want to be in the world," she said.

A new generation of leaders for new global challenges | Clinton Global Initiative University(link is external),The Big Think 

Chelsea Clinton discusses the work of CGI U and how young people can make a difference in this video produced in partnership with the Big Think. The piece is part of a broader series featuring the impact of extraordinary CGI U alumni. 

Climate change driving energy innovation, Creamer Media's Engineering News; Feburary 21, 2018 

Climate change is a major driver of global energy innovation, says Clinton Foundation climate initiative senior regional manager Fiona Wilson. Speaking at the Africa Energy Indaba, in Johannesburg, on Wednesday, she said climate change has not just become an environmental concern, but also an economic imperative globally.

University of Chicago to host annual Clinton Global Initiative University meeting, UChicago News, February 16, 2018 

The University of Chicago, President Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton will host the Clinton Foundation’s 11th annual Clinton Global Initiative University meeting on Oct. 19-21. More than 1,000 undergraduate and graduate students from across the country and around the globe will gather to discuss and develop ideas and proposals to address some of the most pressing social, economic and environmental challenges facing the next generation.

Former US President Bill Clinton Visits Dominica, US Virgin Islands, Carribbean Journal, February 10, 2018

Former United States President Bill Clinton paid a visit to the Caribbean this week, traveling to both the United States Virgin Islands and Dominica. Clinton was in the Caribbean to see first hand the islands’ recovery efforts in the wake of last year’s hurricanes.

Clinton Foundation Program Ends with Strides Made in Healthcare Access across Coachella Valley(link is external)Desert Sun; February 2, 2018

Six years ago, the Clinton Foundation came into the Coachella Valley with a plan to bring medical providers and administrators, community leaders, educators and others together and help them build a cohesive strategy for improving health and wellness in the community by establishing the country’s first Clinton Health Matters Initiative 'Blueprint for Action.'

Bill Clinton Launches Aid Effort for Storm-Hit Caribbean(link is external)Associated Press; February 1, 2018

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton is going to the Caribbean to assess damage from last year's devastating hurricanes as his foundation launches an effort to help with reconstruction on the hardest hit islands. Clinton will travel next week to the U.S. Virgin Islands and Dominica. Both places continue to struggle in the aftermath of Hurricanes Maria and Irma.

Bill Clinton visits health, science programs in St. LouisSaint Louis Post-Dispatch; November 1, 2017

Clinton stopped by three health and science programs in St. Louis that are connected to the Clinton Foundation... Gateway Elementary is part of the foundation’s Alliance for a Healthier Generation, which has a goal of preventing childhood obesity and type II diabetes…After the school visit, Clinton toured a mobile grocery store in a converted city bus… Clinton also visited Girls Inc. in north St. Louis County, where the Clinton Foundation supports the Eureka! Program to offer science and technology education to girls in low-income areas.

Bill Clinton visits Northeast Florida to see how nonprofit health initiatives are workingThe Florida-Times Union; October 31, 2017

Former President Bill Clinton visited Jacksonville on Tuesday, going to Orange Park Medical Center to learn more about efforts to fight opioid abuse…He met with representatives from the Azalea Project, a local nonprofit that helps pregnant women who have addictions... Clinton then shifted focus to the topic of nutrition and hunger, touring the University of North Florida’s new Center for Nutrition and Food Security. Students at the university repackage unused food and send it to Northeast Florida AIDS Network and the Sulzbacher Center.

Former President Bill Clinton visits Johns Hopkins, urges action on opioid crisisThe Baltimore Sun; October 30, 2017

Former President Bill Clinton said in a speech Monday at the Johns Hopkins University that everyone can play a part in solving the killer opioid epidemic gripping the nation... The response so far has been lacking, said Clinton, citing the more than 64,000 overdose deaths logged nationally last year, including more than 2,000 in Maryland... Later Monday, Clinton attended an event in Dundalk’s Turner Station, taking part in a ribbon-cutting for outdoor signs at the Sollers Point Library playground. The signs encourage parents and caregivers to talk to children to build their vocabulary, and are part of a “Talking is Teaching” program supported by The Clinton Foundation.

Bill Clinton and George W. Bush Bond in Conversation about LeadershipNPR; July 13, 2017

On Thursday, former Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton shared a stage and their ideas on what makes a strong leader in today's world. The intimate conversation was part of the graduation ceremony for the 2017 class of the Presidential Leadership Scholars Program held at the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas.

New Report Is an Important Reminder That Little Kids Have Big FeelingsParents; June, 2017

Too Small to Fail, a joint initiative of the Clinton Foundation and The Opportunity Institute, has released a new report on social-emotional development in early childhood. Social-emotional development is defined as a combination of relationships we share with others, plus emotional awareness and the ability to recognize, understand, express, and respond to feelings in socially appropriate ways. The goal of the report: To help parents understand and manage their kids' behavior, which as every parent knows, can be a very tall order.

How Being Athletic Totally Changed 11 Women's LivesRefinery29; May 15, 2017

Led by the Alliance For A Healthier Generation and the Clinton Foundation, the nationwide movement is meant to "empower girls and women to move and celebrate their athleticism." Supporters are encouraged to sign the pledge to celebrate "sporty" girls and write notes to their younger selves that include what #GirlsAre to them. How the hashtag is completed is left to the individual to decide.

Editorial: We Can't Deny the Opioid Crisis The Columbus Dispatch; April 12, 2017
The Washington Post reports colleges are being given free 40,000 doses of Narcan nasal spray, a life-saving antidote, by the Clinton Foundation and Adapt Pharma. The effort is a sign of the widening epidemic and builds on an earlier initiative that has stocked high schools across the country with more than 3,000 free doses of the Narcan spray. It has come to the point where schools and businesses are stocking Narcan, just as they keep a cardiac defibrillator on hand. As pitiful as it seems to have to stock Narcan in schools, this effort is rooted in reality.  

Colleges can get free doses of naloxone for students overdosing on heroin and other opioids Washington Post; April 10, 2017
Colleges will be able to get several free doses of a drug that can reverse opioid overdoses, a sign of the widening impact of the deadly epidemic and increased efforts to combat it. The Clinton Foundation and Adapt Pharma are working together to give colleges 40,000 doses of NARCAN nasal spray, which is the only FDA-approved nasal spray and is designed to be simple enough to administer that people without medical training can provide a potentially lifesaving dose."

Clinton Foundation joins San Diego plan to help low-income youths San Diego Union-Tribune; March 23, 2017
The Clinton Foundation’s Clinton Health Matters Initiative intends to spearhead the process of gathering the personal experiences of community leaders, nonprofit advocates and people grappling with poverty — then analyzing that input as it produces the blueprint with recommended actions.

Designer Azede Jean-Pierre Is Creating School Uniforms for Haitian SchoolchildrenNew York Magazine; March 15, 2017
Haitian-born designer Azede Jean-Pierre may be an up-and-comer, but she already calls First Lady Michelle Obama and Solange Knowles fans of her structural and modern designs. Jean-Pierre is also known for using her roots as inspiration for her looks, and on a recent trip back to Haiti, she mentored local artisans about entrepreneurship in collaboration with the Clinton Foundation.

Clinton Foundation delivers health blueprint for Knox CountyGalesburg Register-Mail; February 28, 2017
The Clinton Foundation recently wrapped up the first phase of its Health Matters Initiative for Knox County, and on Tuesday it presented its blueprint for how to make Knox County a healthier place to live. The blueprint outlined nine "health factor opportunities" including physical activity, substance abuse and healthy eating and food quality, and presented general goals for how Knox County can make strides in each area by 2021.

The Clinton Global Initiative Isn't Really DeadForeign Policy; February 6, 2017
Like so much publicity about CGI and the Clinton Foundation during the months leading up to the presidential election, however, those stories were heavy on hostile innuendo and light on basic facts. The obituaries obscured the bigger picture, showing how the ambitious enterprise had permanently changed the direction of philanthropy, both in the United States and abroad. They also missed the fact that CGI hadn’t really died.

Former President Bill Clinton Outlines Foundation's Future, Responds to CriticsDevex; February 3, 2017
In a letter introducing the annual report, former President Bill Clinton reflected on the past year and the “unprecedented attacks that were misleading or outright false” that the foundation endured. He said the attacks often came from people who didn’t understand the foundation’s work and pointed to the assessments of the major charity review organizations, which have all rated the foundation highly. But he also shared how that has helped shape the foundation’s focus moving forward.

Norhteastern to Host Clinton Global Initiative University in the FallThe Boston Globe; February 2, 2017
Northeastern University will host the 10th annual Clinton Global Initiative University in October. The event, built on the model of the Clinton Global Initiative, will bring together students, faculty, entrepreneurs, and policymakers from more than 75 countries to develop solutions to global challenges in five categories: education, environment and climate change, peace and human rights, poverty alleviation, and public health. The three-day conference will include more than 1,000 students, who will participate in community service opportunities throughout Boston as a part of the conference.

Chelsea Clinton Talks to R29 About What Happens Next, Refinery29; January 18, 2017
The conversation turns toward her #NewDaysresolution campaign from the alliance for a healthier generation, which encourages kids to take on goals they can achieve in a day, rather than over the course of a year. "We want young people to set goals they can really reach," Chelsea explains. "Not goals that are unambitious, but goals that are achievable. If you achieve a goal today, and a goal tomorrow, ultimately you're able to get where you need to be."

The Playground Where Babies Learn to Talk, The Atlantic; December 2, 2016
“We know this kind of interaction can really make a difference,” said Kara Dukakis, the co-director of Too Small to Fail, during a recent visit to the park around 10 a.m. on a chilly Tuesday morning. Of course, most parents know they are supposed to talk and interact with their kids, and the vast majority do on a regular basis. But, Dukakis said, some are looking for guidance on what to say and how to say it. Where a parent might typically only participate in a child’s park experience by saying “Stay where I can see you” or “Don’t climb so high,” the hope is that the panels will prompt a parent to see playtime as a time for back-and-forth conversation, also. More


How technology is attracting new capital to improve health systems, Devex; November 30, 2016
There are a number of efforts to tap into new funding streams for global health programs. For example, one of the commitments to emerge from the Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting in September was the Financing Alliance for Health, a partnership between governments, agencies, and organizations including Living Goods, that is designed to leverage $15 million to support approximately 5,000 community health workers. More

How the Clinton Foundation Works With the Entertainment World to Give BackBillboard; October 27, 2016
Though the Clinton Foundation is in transition, its figurehead remains committed to the work, and the relationships he’s formed. ‘Whether it was how he incorporated music in the ’92 campaign or the really groundbreaking relationships with the entertainment business through various initiatives when he was president or the work of the Foundation, when President Clinton has a chance to bring together things that he loves – and he loves music, he loves film – being able to take the philanthropic work and do it with artists that he respects and admires, he really loves it,’ says Minassian. More

Bill Clinton on Billboard Cover: Defends Clinton Foundation, Talks Good Works With Jon Bon Jovi & Music BizBillboard; October 27, 2016
Bill Clinton has many friends in the music world, and some of CGI’s key ties are with musicians. The group works with Bono, Elton John and Alicia Keys to fight AIDS; with Tony Bennett to ­provide arts education in schools; with Sting to save the rain ­forest; and with Bon Jovi to fight homelessness. Clinton is ­particularly proud of what Bon Jovi has done and honored him with a Clinton Global Citizen Award for Leadership in Philanthropy in September. More

Partnerships Focusing on Rural Development, Education and Women’s Empowerment in India Launched at Clinton Global Initiative, India West; October 24, 2016
Eighteen new public-private partnerships, focusing on rural development, education and women’s empowerment in India, were launched at the 12th and final meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative, which began Sept. 19 in New York City, on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly. More

Clinton Foundation Program an Influence on Candidate's Ed. AgendaEducation Week; October 11, 2016
At 3 years old, the initiative is young—but it has developed an extensive strategy to envelop families in the message that talking, reading, and singing to their young children, from birth, is essential. More

Chelsea Clinton’s Mission to Save the ElephantCondé Nast Traveler; October 6, 2016
Pilar Guzmán, Editor in Chief of Condé Nast Traveler, sat down with Chelsea Clinton to learn more about the Elephants Action Network—a conservation group formed by the Clinton Global Initiative in 2013 dedicated to ending the illegal ivory trade—and why the elephant's survival should be important to everyone. More

The key question on the Clinton Foundation is whether it saved lives. The answer is clearly yes.Vox; September 22, 2016
There is little to no evidence that anyone received meaningful favors from the Clintons in exchange for donating to the foundation. There is definitely no evidence that Hillary Clinton altered her policies as secretary of state in reaction to donations…But there is considerable evidence that the Clinton Foundation has saved millions of lives. More

Clinton Global Initiative Looks at Its Work Through the Lens of GenderBlack Enterprise; September 22, 2016
Among the 3,600 Commitments to Action—commitments organizations have made to turn their good ideas into actionable plans—made through CGI so far, hundreds address education, allowing more than 52 million children to now have access to better opportunities to learn. Joslyn noted one commitment, Charge, which has 40 partners—including No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project—that are aligning efforts in regions around the world to improve girls’ access to education. More

The Clinton Foundation shows off the goods—and wow, are they goodDaily Kos; September 21, 2016
The Clinton Foundation is the real thing, with real numbers that are going to be hard to deny…The Clinton Foundation has been open, effective, and put an unprecedented effort into demonstrating results. More

Clinton Global Initiative Winds Down on a Note of OptimismChronicle of Philanthropy; September 20, 2016
The central message of the work has been that everyone, whether a corporate CEO, a nonprofit leader, or an individual philanthropist, has a role to play in advancing the public good, nonprofit leaders said. More

Exclusive: Airbnb, P&G, and Unilever Are Partnering With the Clinton Foundation to Invest Over $70m in WomenFortune; September 20, 2016
The approach, announced Tuesday by Chelsea Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) annual meeting in New York, enlists more than 20 partners from the corporate and nonprofit worlds to address the gaps in women’s economic progress…Fortune‘s exclusive look at the effort shows that CGI anticipates it to impact the lives of more than 900,000 people in 60 countries around the world over the next five years. More

In Tanzania, Clinton Foundation trades on maize and beans, not name.PolitiFact; September 6, 2016
The farming project in rural Tanzania is a window into the signature Clinton Foundation style that attracts millions of dollars in support on one end and creates market-driven opportunity on the other. To understand the foundation, you need to look at both. More

The Clinton Foundation Is Not a Scandal. It’s a Phenomenal, Life-Saving Success.Slate; August 25, 2016
[The Clinton Foundation] is the source of salvation for millions of people. The Clintons’ AIDS relief work is humanity at its best. And the smear campaign against their charity is politics at its absolute worst. More

What the Heck Does the Clinton Foundation Actually Do?Inside Philanthropy; June 23, 2016
But one question that gets surprisingly little attention is the most basic: What does this place actually do?... The Clinton Foundation is best understood as an umbrella entity that is carrying out several very different missions. More

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