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Bill Clinton: What Oklahoma City can teach us, April 19, 2020; The Oklahoman

When Hillary and I attended the memorial service four days after the bombing, I tried to speak for all of us in saying to the people of Oklahoma City: “You have lost too much, but you have not lost everything. And you have certainly not lost America, for we will stand with you for as many tomorrows as it takes.” The American people kept that promise — but what we couldn’t have known then was just how much more the people of Oklahoma City would give back to America in return.

This Recovery Month, Cause For Hope, September 20, 2019; Thrive Global

As the Senior Director of Substance Use Disorders and Recovery at the Clinton Foundation, I have seen the challenges and the progress firsthand. We’ve brought together faith leaders from across traditions in communities across the country to help reduce stigma and build support networks. We’ve worked to get people trained to administer the opioid overdose reversal drug Naloxone and to have it readily available where people need it most.

President Bill Clinton: Reinstate the Assault Weapons Ban Now, August 8, 2019; TIME

We have talked, tweeted and delayed long enough. This is about who we are as a country, what America will look like years from now, and whether our children and grandchildren will be safer and freer to grow up. I have always believed in the inherent goodness of people. I still do. I have spent my life trying to advance the idea that our common humanity matters more than our interesting differences and working for a world in which we are coming together, not being torn apart. We can take a big step toward that world by keeping assault weapons out of the hands of those who wish to destroy it.

Building Back Better in the Caribbean:  The Clinton Foundation and Partnerships for Change, May 22, 2019; Business Fights Poverty

How do we empower communities – especially those furthest behind – to have a chance to succeed, improve their lives, and build a better future? There are several answers to the question – create economic opportunity, improve public health, and inspire civic engagement and service. These are the core elements that drive the work we do at the Clinton Foundation. But there’s one piece that pulls all these elements together, and that we believe is fundamental to solving the challenges we face in our world today:  working together in partnerships of purpose.

Reaching across the pulpit to fight opioid ills [Opinion], October 19, 2018; Houston Chronicle

This is why we — a diverse group of faith leaders from across greater Houston — have come together. Earlier this year we were invited to an ecumenical process addressing the opioid epidemic, convened by the Clinton Foundation, the Institute for Spirituality and Health, and the Council on Recovery. We recognize that addressing this issue will require leaders like us, working across faith traditions, to speak in one collective voice.

Bill Clinton: Mandela’s life proof we can be inclusive without losing our identity, News24; July 2018

On what would have been his 100th birthday, when his vision for an inclusive community is once again under attack in the U.S. and across the world, we should remember Mandela not just for who he was, but also for his conviction about who we can still become. As he said, it all depends on what we do with our minds and our hearts.

4 Ways to Foster Belonging Through Physical Activity, Education Week; June 28, 2018 

For the last decade, I've worked for the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. Our goal is to create healthier schools and communities, and equity is at the heart of our work. We know that when kids feel included and safe in school, they're more likely to learn and excel - the same is true of play and physical activity.

Without This Woman, The Glass Ceiling Would Have Fewer Cracks, Bustle; May 29, 2018 

Empowering girls and women remained Hillary's focus after the White House, too. At the Clinton Foundation, she and Chelsea launched Too Small to Fail, an initiative to support early childhood education, and No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project. With partners that included the Gates Foundation, the report compiled data on the progress women and girls made in the twenty years since that Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing.

Young people are taking on the world’s most pressing challenges, Boston Globe; October 16, 2017 (link is external)

At the Clinton Foundation, we are proud to work with and support many young idealists in action, including through the student community of the Clinton Global Initiative University, or CGI U. This weekend, more than 1,000 student leaders from 282 schools and 95 countries gathered at Northeastern University for CGI U’s 10th annual meeting to talk about the world and all the work they’re already doing and hope to do to make a positive impact on their campuses, communities, and our world.

Bill Clinton: A brighter futureArkansas Democrat-Gazette; April 13, 2017
"Since the Clinton Health Matters Initiative (CHMI) was founded in 2012, our staff has been convening diverse sets of regional partners in hopes of reducing health disparities by helping communities identify their biggest health challenges and create road maps to overcome them."

Making world better for women, from respect to ending macho violenceThomson Reuters Foundation; March 8, 2017
CHELSEA CLINTON - Vice chair, Clinton Foundation: "We know what gets measured gets managed. Tackling gender data gaps is crucial for ensuring every girl has every opportunity to lead a safe, healthy life full of opportunity. That's good for girls and boys too – we know what when girls are empowered, societies thrive. Through the Clinton Foundation's Full Participation Report, we learned that while girls and women have made significant strides, gaps in progress persist, in every country. We need to act on data and information that we know is accurate to know where to channel our energies and investments to close the gaps that exist as quickly as possible, for every girl everywhere and for our shared future."

Viewpoint: It's time to seek common ground rather than differences in politicsAustin Business Journal; February 19, 2017
Last week, sixty individuals, as diverse as could have been selected, joined together as the 2017 Class of Presidential Leadership Scholars at our first module in D.C...As our communities continue to further divide and as we see a side of our country that is often hard to recognize, we must learn to work together and disagree with each other. The two are not mutually exclusive. We have to learn to celebrate compromise and empathy instead of division and anger.

Chelsea Clinton: How Small Steps Can Make a Big DifferenceMogul; February 3, 2017
I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Rosie Rodriguez, director of Philanthropy at The Lower Eastside Girls Club and a founding member of the Clinton Foundation’s 20/30 Network – our program to engage young professionals in our work and inspire them to take action in their own communities. We spoke at a Clinton Foundation Day of Action this week in service of our early childhood initiative, Too Small to Fail, which aims to help parents across the country turn everyday moments, like bedtime, mealtime or diaper time, into learning moments.

Six CGI U Alumni Names '30 Under 30'Medium; January 4, 2017
This week, Forbes' annual 30 Under 30 list recognized some of the most ambitious and innovative young leaders who are making a positive difference in fields ranging from healthcare to renewable energy. We're proud to say that six CGI U alumni are featured as part of this year's class.

Howell Wechsler: How to Leave a Positive Imprint on Your Child's HealthMedia Planet; December 31, 2016
While parents lay the foundation for their children's health, it takes everyone in the community - from teachers to business owners - to create environments where children truly thrive."

The Potential Victims of This Shameful Political Race Extend Far beyond America’s ShoresHuffington Post; October 27, 2016
There are tens of millions of people in the developing world whose lives have been directly touched and supported by public and private aid from America. No matter how long the dark shadow of this year’s presidential election is cast, it is important the good work done by successful and highly accountable groups such as the Clinton Foundation does not meet a sad demise. Too much has been accomplished to stop now. More

Donna Shalala: Improving Opportunity and Lives: The Clinton Foundation’s Impact Across the United StatesMedium; October 4, 2016
The Clinton Foundation also works across the United States to improve health and wellness in our schools and communities, give parents the tools to stimulate brain development in early childhood, strengthen our economic competitiveness, provide opportunities to volunteer and give back, and continue President Clinton’s legacy through the Clinton Presidential Center and Library in Little Rock. More

Derek Yach: How the Clinton Global Initiative Changed the World by Changing Corporate PhilanthropyTriplePundit; September 21, 2016
Few global platforms can claim to have the direct and indirect impact of the Clinton Global Initiative. As I and other leaders from the private sector depart CGI’s 12th and final Annual Meeting later this week, the important work and impact of our commitments will continue. Doing well by doing good – and valuing the integration of both business purpose and societal gains – is now an unstoppable force in best business practices and in modern philanthropy. More

As the Clinton Global Initiative opens its final annual meeting, Zainab Salbi lauds its visionNew York Times; September 19, 2016
Though I am saddened that this year marks CGI’s last Annual Meeting, I trust that the community it has built and the impact of their work will endure…Over the years, CGI’s event became the marketplace for innovative solutions, for meeting inspiring people who are making real difference, and hammering out plans to effect tangible, measurable change in the world. More

Nancy Brown: Schools Can Become Healthier Quickly; Roosevelt DidHuffington Post; September 6, 2016
Administrators already were interested in the Healthy Schools Program offered by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, an organization founded by my organization, the American Heart Association, and the Clinton Foundation. Reynolds led the way, taking smart steps such as: Junk food went out, a salad bar eventually went in; Health lessons became part of the curriculum; PE classes went from infrequent to a district-best 30 minutes per day; not surprisingly, their students’ success in state fitness testing soared. More

Mitch Landrieu: Clinton Foundation Instrumental in Katrina RecoveryThe Hill; September 2, 2016
Without a doubt, New Orleans is stronger today because of the collaborations forged by the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation. No entity has had the power to bring together the world's most influential governments, corporations, nonprofits and philanthropists to do more good for more people. More

Jim Greenbaum: Why I Contributed $1.5 Million to the Clinton FoundationMedium; August 29, 2016
While traveling in Africa and at various conferences, I met with numerous Clinton Foundation executives and staff. Never before had I encountered such capable, dedicated individuals. The Clinton Foundation had put together a vision to tackle some of the most pressing humanitarian problems facing the world, and they were executing their plan. No politics — just relentless, passionate obsessive determination to get the job done. More

Stephanie Streett: Dramatic ImpactArkansas Democrat-Gazette; August 29, 2016
According to an independent study commissioned by the Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce, the Presidential Center has helped catalyze over $3.3 billion in economic development to downtown Little Rock and North Little Rock…This is the right course--taking steps to remove potential conflicts, while maintaining our obligation to ensure that life-changing work continues around the world, through partner organizations, and here in the U.S. and Arkansas, through a refocused Clinton Foundation. More

Lanny Davis: Don’t Let the Clinton Foundation become a Casualty of PoliticsThe Hill; August 30, 2016
So before we allow the Clinton Foundation to be pressured to shut its doors because of subjective concerns about ‘appearances,’ before we take seriously the partisan rants by some hypocritical Republicans and rightwing Clinton haters, or — speaking of ranting and hypocrisy — by Trump himself, let’s ask the question: Why not ask those who are suffering, starving, dying of AIDS or living in poverty around the world whether the Clinton Foundation should be shut down? More

Donna Shalala: Clinton Foundation helps millionsUSA Today; August 23, 2016
Significantly scaling back the Clinton Foundation and our programs that are helping millions of people around the world — even before we even know the outcome of the election — would be needless and irresponsible…We have a serious responsibility to ensure that the women and children, workers and farmers, and countless others who rely on the foundation will continue to receive help. More

Kevin Franck: No evidence of scheme leaves mogul to cook up more crackpot theoriesBoston Herald; August 23, 2016
Trump’s call to shutter it permanently would pull the plug on programs that combat prescription painkiller abuse and train East African farmers to grow and earn more, among other things…In order to qualify as a pay-to-play scheme, there has to be some play. There was not, but evidence does not matter as much as good old political gossip… More

President Clinton: Empowering People to Build Better Futures for Themselves, Their Families, and Their Communities; August 22, 2016
When I left the White House in 2001 and returned to life as a private citizen, I wanted to continue working in areas I had long cared about, where I believed I could still make an impact. That’s what the Clinton Foundation has tried to do, by creating opportunities and solving problems faster, better, at lower cost so that more people are empowered to build better futures for themselves, their families, and their communities. I am grateful to everyone in the U.S. and across the world who has been involved in our work, and especially grateful to Chelsea for her role in increasing scope and impact. More

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