Paul Morse / Clinton Global Initiative
Jun 05
June 5, 2015

A Vision for Unlocking Human Potential


People often ask me what my greatest accomplishment has been during my career. Many expect me to talk about my experience in universities or in government, where I’ve spent more than 40 years of my career. So, when I share that the time when I was most effective was when I was 21 years old, living in a mud village in Southern Iran as a Peace Corps volunteer, people tend to look at me with some confusion.

I believed that the work I was doing in that small village was improving lives and making a difference. And it’s the same passion that has brought me to the Clinton Foundation. It’s clear that the Clinton Foundation is a unique organization – the types of partnerships we build are very unique. President Clinton has used his knowledge of how governments, civil society, and NGOs operate best to create a new model for unleashing potential. This Foundation, which has become one of the fastest growing non-profits worldwide in just 14 years, is a creative and nimble one. We’re working to solve some of the biggest challenges of our time, with a partnership model that has never been used before.

At this point in my career, the last thing I needed was another job. But this isn’t just “another job.”  This is an organization unlike any other. We’re doing the kinds of on-the-ground, life-changing work that I whole-heartedly believe in – improving lives, transforming communities, and unlocking potential. I’m at this Foundation because of the unique way it addresses challenges. And ultimately, I joined this Foundation to re-kindle the excitement that I had as a young person in a mud village in Southern Iran.

This is a unique organization. There’s nothing like it in the world. I believe in President Clinton and Chelsea Clinton’s dreams for the Foundation. And, I believe that everyone at the Foundation contributes to the unique vision to unlock human potential — both for themselves and for the millions of people around the world.

It’s an honor to help guide the organization for greater growth and success in the years ahead.