Session Formats

The CGI U Meeting concentrates on challenges to and opportunities for change across five global challenge areas: Education, Environment & Climate Change, Peace & Human Rights, Poverty Alleviation, and Public Health.
Meeting events are arranged around plenary sessions, working sessions, and skill sessions, all of which allow students to interact with one another and formulate plans of action for their commitments.

Plenary Sessions
Plenary sessions convene the entire CGI U audience and examine critical topics that cut across multiple global challenges. During each plenary session, panelists share specific approaches that have proven to be successful, providing commitment makers with the inspiration to develop their own creative solutions. 

AUDIENCE: the entire CGI U membership (over 1,000 attendees).

Working Sessions and Skill Sessions
Working sessions examine more focused topics with simultaneous sessions occurring for each of CGI U's five focus areas (Education, Environment and Climate Change, Peace and Human Rights, Poverty Alleviation, and Public Health). Each 90-minute session combines discussion by an expert panel with audience discussion and Q&A. Working sessions will focus on practical information that can provide guidance and inspiration to student commitments. 

Skill sessions focus on practical knowledge that enables students to create successful commitments and bring them to scale. These sessions begin with speaker presentations, followed by small breakout discussions where attendees share commitment ideas and experiences, discuss common challenges, and present questions back to the speakers. Four skills sessions occur simultaneously and are repeated in the afternoon session block with different speakers.

AUDIENCE: up to 100 people per skill session and up to 200 people per working session (9 simultaneous sessions)

Office Hours
Office hours allow attendees (in groups of 15-25) to directly connect with program participants and special guests. These in-depth conversations enable attendees to gain inspiration and insight from speakers, who share their personal stories or elaborate on comments made during the panel discussions. Attendees can also share their own questions and thoughts, and seek specific advice on commitments. The session will begin with a very brief introduction from each attendee, followed by open Q&A.

AUDIENCE: up to 25 attendees per session