Aug 27
August 27, 2012

CCI HEAL Small Business Program CEO Takes the Benefits of Retrofitting Into His Own Home


The Clinton Climate Initiative has recently unveiled the Home Energy Affordability Loan (HEAL) Small Business Model as a means of bringing its energy-based employee benefits to small companies in Arkansas. One such company is Powers of Arkansas, Inc., whose President & CEO, Alan Hope, became the first small business executive to incorporate the HEAL benefit in July. Since then, Hope and several company executives have personally enrolled their homes for HEAL energy assessments.

Two weeks ago, CCI HEAL joined Hope at his residence in Little Rock, as a team of HEAL energy raters conducted an assessment of his home. After identifying potential energy-saving measures, soliciting a bid from a Participating Contractor to execute the work, and compiling the information into a comprehensive, personalized report, CCI HEAL reunited with the CEO to deliver his results.

Hope, whose company specializes in energy-saving HVAC controls installation, seemed prepared for bad news. “I knew I needed most of this (work),” he said, referring to the customized report. “But this will push me to get it done.” 

Specifically, HEAL raters found opportunities to increase attic insulation, reduce duct leakage, and replace one of Hope’s HVAC units with a newer, more efficient model. The combined (and estimated) benefits of executing all three measures were convincing: $550 in annual utility savings; 8,404 pounds of carbon—and 5,818 pounds of coal—reduced or saved each year. Moreover, thanks to rebate offerings from local utilities, the costs of Hope’s retrofit will be lowered by a minimum of $1,360. These benefits, in conjunction with HEAL’s policy of inspecting 100% of its retrofits to ensure quality of work, were enough to sway Hope’s decision; he asked “where do I sign?” before the meeting was even finished.

Now, CCI HEAL will schedule Hope’s energy upgrade with the appropriate contractor, collect funds from Alan to hold in trust, and facilitate the execution of an agreement between the contractor and the Hopes. A third update will be posted at the time of Alan’s retrofit, estimated to take place in mid-September.

 HEAL, a project of the William J. Clinton Foundation’s Clinton Climate Initiative (“CCI”), is a unique, energy-based employee benefit program designed to improve quality of life, at both the corporate and homeowner levels, by reducing GHG emissions through energy-conserving improvements to existing commercial and residential buildings (“Retrofits”). By enlisting employers to offer the HEAL program to qualifying employees, the program is able to make a large-scale and rapid impact in energy usage, GHG emissions, and employment opportunities.