Photo Credit: Alison Wright / LEGO Foundation
Apr 29
April 29, 2016

Elsa Palanza

Director of Commitments, Clinton Global Initiative

An Update to CGI’s Online Commitments Directory


Since 2005, members of the CGI community have made thousands of Commitments to Action that are helping millions of people and are addressing some of the biggest challenges around the world. In the Commitments Department at CGI, we have the privilege to help them develop those commitments, share the lessons they’ve learned along the way, and highlight the story – whether on our stage, on our blog and social media platforms, or through coverage in the media. 

As part of this effort, we regularly review our portfolio of more than 3,400 commitments and strive to make information about our member’s work available to the broader CGI and global development communities so that they, too, can benefit from our lessons learned. 

While the vast majority of commitments – nearly 90% – have always been searchable online in our external database, some have not. In the early years of CGI, some members of our community asked that their commitments not be listed on our website and we honored that request; however, in the years since, and building upon our 2014 portfolio analysis, we’ve realized the great opportunities that come with sharing as much information as possible.

To encourage continuous learning for our members and to strengthen future Commitments to Action made through CGI, we will update our online search directory to reflect every commitment ever made.

We believe that this practice will help to encourage our community to learn and adapt and to reflect on what’s worked and what hasn’t. Alongside the publication of these commitments on our online directory, we will also release a study that examines key learnings that have impacted the way we approach commitment development.

The CGI community has been able to achieve incredible things through the power of creative collaboration and partnership. We’re confident that this update to our online directory will further strengthen our membership’s work and ability to learn from one another, ultimately allowing them to improve even more lives around the world.