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BIRTH 40: The Coalition of Cities Improving Birth

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Square Roots LLC

In 2016, Square Roots committed to connect 40 member cities and states to streamline the sharing and dissemination of best practices, innovative solutions, and current evidence-based research regarding how to improve maternal and infant health outcomes. The primary goal of B40 is to improve pregnancy outcomes within member cities and states and to empower local governments to take ownership over the health of expectant mothers and their newborn babies. Through this commitment, the B40 initiative will provide community needs assessments and quantitative measures on the state of maternal and infant health in each member city and state. Further, Square Roots is creating a blueprint based on these measures, calls the “BIRTH Mark Framework,” to give the inaugural 40 cities and states access to better maternal and infant health care systems and resources.





BIRTH 40: The Coalition of Cities Improving Birth



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4 years

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Northern America


United States

Commitment by

Square Roots LLC

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City of Natchez