Photo Credit: Max W. Orenstein / Clinton Foundation
Jul 05
July 5, 2016

From Seed to Cup: What You Might Not Know About Coffee


This blog is part of a series called #SeedingOpportunity that explores the challenges and opportunities related to smallholder farming around the world.

It may take you 20 seconds or so to brew a cup of coffee, but the journey to get those coffee beans into your cup took far longer and likely began with a smallholder farmer who depends on coffee trees for their livelihood. In Haiti – a country once responsible for half of the world’s coffee production – coffee is an important economic opportunity that sustains thousands of the country’s smallholder farmers. Unfortunately, Haiti’s longstanding tradition is losing steam due to several challenges, including high rates of deforestation and climate change.

To address these challenges, the Clinton Foundation and La Colombe, with support from the Leslois Shaw Foundation, cofounded the Haiti Coffee Academy. The Academy is a model coffee farm and training center where smallholder farmers can attend agricultural trainings related to the planting, production, and harvesting of coffee to support them in producing high-quality coffee that can be consumed around the world. Below is an infographic that shows the work that goes into your morning cup of coffee: