By providing market-driven skills training, CGEP can help people in developing communities improve their incomes and secure their livelihoods.

There is a shortage of quality labor to meet the growing demands of many industries within developing countries. Skill disparities often exist because there is usually a mismatch between the workforce requirements of local industry and the existing competencies held among the pool of available workers. These disparities frequently occur when economic development efforts introduce new industries that require skills that do not exist in the region or when training and education systems are insufficient in terms of scale, quality, or relevance.

In 2013, CGEP launched the Acceso Training Center to prepare and place marginalized youth in quality jobs in Cartagena, Colombia by providing them with the specific competencies and skill sets needed for housekeeping, hotel guest services, and as kitchen aides, baristas, food and beverage servers. The Acceso Training Center grew from the initial focus in hospitality jobs and expanded into other local growing industries, such as accounting, ports, and logistics. The overall goal is to place youth into more sustainable and quality jobs, significantly improving their annual incomes and quality of life, while empowering them to succeed with dignity.

The Challenge

Amid the natural beauty of Cartagena’s Caribbean coast there exists an alarming level of wealth disparity in Colombia’s most notable tourist destination – with a large percent of the population living in poverty.

Despite the city’s thriving hospitality and tourism industry, the local residents are unable to tap into this growing industry because they lack the necessary skills needed to apply for these employment opportunities. Therefore, most are forced to live a subsistent life as farmers or fishermen and struggle to secure a stable income because of unstable market conditions and lack of education.

The city’s hospitality industry is growing at an impressive rate and having reliable and skilled staff is a critical requirement for the success of this industry.


The Innovation

The Acceso Training Center was created to support a range of employability programs aimed at improving the livelihoods for thousands of disadvantaged youth in Cartagena, Colombia. CGEP prepares and places marginalized youth in quality jobs equipping them with industry-tailored vocational competencies and skill sets.

The Training Center’s programs address the critical labor needs of the growing hospitality industry and have been custom tailored to the specific requirements of the industry. CGEP has engaged with local hotels, academic institutions, and government organizations to develop highly relevant training content and methodologies. These partnerships have been tremendously valuable, as they perform periodic reviews and provide updates to the center’s curricula, assess its strategy, provide hands-on training opportunities and internships, and support job placement efforts. Armed with this very helpful information, the team can quickly respond to changes in the hospitality industry by adjusting the variety of training provided, fine-tune the numbers and qualifications of students enrolled, and update the content of course curricula.

The Impact

The Acceso Training Center has already become cash flow positive, which will allow it to be a sustainable enterprise serving the community. Between 2013 and 2016, more than 3,000 students have been enrolled; 1,660 of whom were placed in paid work practicums; and over 1,540 have graduated. Additionally, approximately 78 percent of CGEP training center students have been women, of whom 48 percent are mothers. All women receive scholarships to fund the cost of their education.