Oct 18
October 18, 2016

The Clinton Foundation: Committed to Full Opportunity


In my time leading large organizations — from the Department of Health and Human Services, to the University of Miami, and now at the Clinton Foundation — I have seen firsthand the importance of having a diverse workforce that is paid equitably.

At the Foundation, we take pay equity seriously. I joined the Foundation last year as president, and since then, it has been my distinct privilege to work alongside the passionate, knowledgeable women and men who come to work every day eager to make a positive impact in the world.

Let me be clear — recent allegations on pay discrepancies at the Clinton Foundation are inaccurate. These calculations are based only on a handful of salaries that do not provide an accurate portrayal of the leadership and staff at Clinton Foundation.

In fact, the non-partisan fact checker PolitiFact, when looking into these allegations, found that they are “guilty of ignoring the nuances of gender-based wage disparities,” — that “the statistical pool is too limited and the methodology is too crude to demonstrate evidence of hypocrisy,” and the report “accounts for just a fraction of all employees in the organization — and even of senior management at the foundation.”

Here are the facts. At the end of 2014, 64 percent of our U.S.-based employees were women. Our website publicly lists our senior leadership, and at that time, listed nine women and nine men. The pay ratio for those members of senior leadership was 0.91 — comparing the median salary for females in executive leadership to the median salary for males in executive leadership.

Driving progress on pay equity comports with the principles that guide us here at the Clinton Foundation. We work around the world to increase opportunities for girls and women by improving girls’ access to quality secondary education; providing women with job training and access to markets in countries like Peru, Haiti, and Malawi; and developing leadership networks for women in renewable energy space.

Those are the facts. We take pay equity and equal opportunity seriously, from both a programmatic and an operational standpoint. The issue is important to us, and it’s important to billions of women around the world who deserve equal opportunity.