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Quality Education for 8,700 Conflict-Affected Children

Commitment by

Escuela Nueva Foundation

In 2007, the Escuela Nueva Foundation (ENF) from Colombia committed to provide a quality education to 8,700 conflict affected children in Colombia through its Escuela Nueva Learning Circles Program that promotes academic achievement, conflict resolution skills, and improved self esteem.
During 2008, ENF provided technical and pedagogical support in the Escuela Nueva pedagogic model to 7 implementers of the EN Learning Circles Program working in 491 Learning Circles in 23 cities and 25 states of Colombia, and serving 7,856 vulnerable children internally displaced by armed conflict and violence.
This intervention ended in 2008 having trained and built in capacity in curricular, community, training and management strategies among 7 implementers of the Program, for its replication nationwide. In addition, the children attended through this project significantly improved their self esteem and family relations and 70% of them advanced into the regular school system, recovering their right to basic education.





Quality Education for 8,700 Conflict-Affected Children



Est. Duration

2 Years

Estimated Total Value



Latin America & Caribbean



Commitment by

Escuela Nueva Foundation

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International Rescue Committee, Global Communities