Barbara Kinney
Sep 24
September 24, 2013

2013 CGI Annual Meeting: Tuesday Highlights


Today was the first full day of the ninth CGI Annual Meeting, with over 1,000 leaders – including President Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Christine Lagarde, and Sheryl Sandberg – coming together to take action around CGI’s 2013 theme, “Mobilizing For Impact.”

Over the course of the day, CGI members engaged in a variety of dynamic sessions. Below are just a few of the most exciting Annual Meeting moments so far:


1. Five mobilizers speak to how they are changing our world, one commitment at a time

Mobilizing for Impact - 2013 CGI Annual Meeting

Watch more commitment progress videos on CGI's YouTube page.


2. The Opening “Mobilizing For Impact” Panel moderated by President Clinton

Joining President Clinton were Bono, Khalida Brohi, Christine Lagarde, Mo Ibrahim, and Sheryl Sandberg. Watch the full session hereHere's a view from backstage via Instagram.

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3. Top Moments of #CGI2013

Members and online viewers shared their insights and meeting highlights on social media.


4. Charlie Rose Interviewed President Bill Clinton and Former Vice President Al Gore

Watch the conversation tonight at 11pm on Charlie Rose.


5. President Barack Obama and President Clinton Discussed Health Care Reform

View the whole session on CGI’s Livestream channel.


6. Rosita from Sesame Street Joined Chelsea Clinton on Stage
They announced a new Commitment to Action that will promote healthy habits and enhance medical services at clinics in Latin America.