Juliana Thomas / Clinton Global Initiative
Dec 09
December 9, 2013

The 2013 CGI Latin America Meeting: Day 1 Highlights


Today, President Clinton and Chelsea Clinton convened the first day of the CGI Latin America Meeting in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Participants listened to panel discussions featuring regional and global leaders, engaged in interactive working sessions, and joined together to drive their commitment-making efforts forward. Some key highlights from the day are below:

Special Remarks by President Dilma Rousseff of Brazil 

President Rousseff shared her perspective on the social and economic progress made in the country and the importance of collaboration across the region to scale these successes.

Chelsea Clinton announces the IKEA Foundation’s new Commitment to Action

This commitment aims to create economic opportunities for indigenous youth and women in the Brazilian Amazon through the sustainable management of their forests, increasing their income generating capacity and improving their livelihoods from the sustainable management of their forests. Learn more about this new CGI Commitment to Action.

Watch below: President Rousseff and Chelsea Clinton address the opening session of CGI Latin America.

President Clinton announces a new Commitment to Action by Nike, Inc.

The partnership of over 25 international and Brazilian organizations will operationalize the “Designed to Move” program in Brazil, increasing the quantity and quality of physical activity in schools. Learn more.

Watch below: President Clinton announces new commitments and moderates the opening panel.

Panel discussion on “Designing Opportunities for Growth” moderated by President Clinton

This panel addressed the question: How can the Latin American region can meet challenges to continue positive trends in the economy, job creation, educational achievement, and poverty reduction? 

The Global Conversation

Attendees and online audiences shared their top #CGI meeting moments across social media.

Mayors discuss the Prominence of Cities Across the Region

With 80 percent of the population in Latin America living in urban areas, cities continue to play a central role in the region's future. The mayors of two major cities in South America - Rio de Janeiro's Mayor Eduardo Paes and Lima's Mayor Susana Villaran de la Puente - joined other leaders in a discussion about the impact of climate change, economic inequality, and other major challenges on Latin America's cities. Read a blog post from Mayor Paes highlighting how cities are becoming smarter in addressing these issues and creating new opportunities for citizens.

Watch the full panel below.

Panel on Supporting Women Entrepreneurs

Moderated by Claudia Antunes, editor of Revista Piauí, participants including Rosario Perez of Pro Mujer and Alessandro Carlucci of Natura discussed strategies for growing the number of women entrepreneurs across Latin America, helping them to gain access to markets and financing to grow their enterprises.

Tune in to tomorrow's live sessions beginning at 6:00am ET / 9:00 BRST at live.clintonglobalinitiative.org. Webcasts are available in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.