Photo: Juliana Thomas / Clinton Global Initiative
Feb 20
February 20, 2014

“Reimagining Impact”: President Clinton and Chelsea Clinton Announce 2014 CGI Theme


Today, President Clinton and Chelsea Clinton hosted the 2014 Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Winter Meeting in New York City. Providing a framework for the year ahead, the Winter Meeting brought together over five hundred CGI members and new contributors for a day of dynamic sessions, as CGI look forward to its milestone 10th Annual Meeting in September.

At the meeting, President Clinton and Chelsea Clinton introduced CGI’s 2014 theme, Reimagining Impact. This year, CGI members will explore how they can better measure and assess the outcomes of their Commitments to Action—new, specific, and measurable plans for addressing complex global challenges—to build new approaches that achieve greater impact going forward. As President Clinton said today, "Can we do well by doing good, and if so, how will we know when we did it?"

This year, CGI members will be asked to reflect on their past or current commitments, and look at how they're assessing their outcomes. What has worked and what has not? How can we improve upon measurement tools to better determine how we create value? How can we identify and define traditionally non-quantifiable results?

Building on these key learnings, the Reimagining Impact theme will guide CGI members in the the development of new approaches and cutting-edge solutions for addressing complex global challenges in the future. How can current challenges be addressed in new ways? What new issues are emerging that we can prepare for now? How can unconventional partners become involved in the work, leading to more creative solutions?

The video below details how CGI commitment-makers have been re-envisioning their global impact since 2005 and supporting people all over the world in living their own best life stories.

Reimagining Impact in 2014: The Clinton Global Initiative