photo by: Debra Kellner
Mar 08
March 8, 2014

Three Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day


In celebration of International Women’s Day, as well as Women’s History Month, we’re highlighting the achievements of women and sharing facts and statistics of extraordinary women throughout the world. Check out these three ways you can join the Clinton Foundation’s celebration of International Women’s Day and learn about the work being done across the Foundation to help women and girls reach full participation in society.

  1. Change Your Profile Picture. Change your profile picture on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to a woman you find heroic and help share her story with the world. Tell us who you changed your photo to and why by using the hashtags #NoCeilings and #IWD2014.

  2. Send a message. Send a note to a woman who inspires you and invite her to be a part of #NoCeilings to help us advance the status of women and girls around the world.

  3. Learn. Learn about six inspiring women who we work with around the world and learn more about what the Clinton Foundation is doing to help advance women and girls.

    Julianne Guariglia / Clinton Foundation