Jun 24
June 24, 2014

Five Photos of Progress: Working Together in Denver


On Sunday, my fiancée and I woke up at the crack of dawn to volunteer for the Clinton Foundation’s Day of Action in Denver. We weren’t sure what to expect, but hoped to get the chance to do some real work that would have a genuine impact. Our hopes were realized many times times over when we got to the MiCasa Resource Center, an organization that has been dedicated to advancing the economic success of Latino families in the Denver area since 1976. The staff at MiCasa gave us a warm welcome and swiftly put us to work to repair areas in the Center that were in dire need of improvement. Our group was assigned to the green areas around the main building, and we worked all day to make them presentable again for the community. Here are some photos we took of our work in progress:

One of the plots at Mi Casa Resource Center before we worked on it.

Our garden team hard at work tilling, digging, and turning up the ground.

Halfway done! Hard to believe how much better it was looking.

The final product, we couldn't have been more proud of our work. 

It was incredibly rewarding to see our group of strangers come together for a common cause and work in unison driven by a sense of purpose.
It was incredibly rewarding to see our group of strangers come together for a common cause and work in unison driven by a sense of purpose. After the first couple of hours we had developed a rhythm and each participant had a role to perform. We were suddenly no longer just a few volunteers, we became a team. Arriving as individuals, we were unsure of the impact we would make. But as we worked together, we began to understand that our hard work was compounded not only by our collective efforts that day, but by the efforts of many more volunteers who, each doing a small bit of work, make a huge difference on a daily basis for organizations like MiCasa. After this experience I would encourage anyone who has some free time to go out and volunteer with an organization that does something they care about. Even if the work you're doing at the time seems small, the impact we make together is much larger. It all adds up in the end. 
Thanks very much to Chelsea and everyone else at the Foundation for organizing this; it was certainly a day well spent. 
The Clinton Foundation, in partnership with Concerts for Kids, Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver and Project C.U.R.E., gathered hundreds of volunteers for a Day of Action, completing service projects across Denver. View more photos of Day of Action volunteers working together to make a difference in Denver. The Day of Action in Denver precedes the 2014 Clinton Global Initiative America meeting which focuses on finding solutions that promote economic recovery in the United States.
Learn more about the Clinton Foundation Day of Action program and sign up to learn about future volunteer opportunities.