Photo Credit: Brian Yip / Clinton Global Initiative
Oct 09
October 9, 2014

Help CGI Members Respond to the Ebola Outbreak (Video)


As the Ebola crisis continues to grow—with the death toll surpassing that of previous outbreaks combined—the international community seeks to fill critical needs and bolster the health systems in West Africa. At the 2014 Annual Meeting, CGI members committed to responding to the outbreak, beginning work immediately with two separate airlifts of medical supplies from New York City to West Africa. Simultaneously, members met with local and international experts and officials to strategize on how to coordinate their response.

The following film—part of a forthcoming series about how Commitments to Action made at CGI are addressing global challenges—tells the story of this initial response. Most importantly, you can learn how to support their efforts below.

Responding to Ebola (2014)

Support CGI members in responding to Ebola:

- Donate to Airlink, whose CGI commitment is to establish an air bridge to West Africa. Donations will go toward building the capacity of Airlink to extend the Ebola Air Bridge as well as deliver relief cargo and aid workers to those in need during humanitarian situations.

- Donate to Direct Relief to help the "delivery of life-saving medicines and protective gear to frontline health workers risking their lives to contain the epidemic."

- Donate to Last Mile Health, who aims to support hundreds of health workers in carrying out community-based education, prevention, contact tracing, and the provision of essential health services in Liberia.

- Donate to Partners In Health as they "work with key mission partners to scale up rural Ebola response efforts and rebuild primary health systems in Liberia and Sierra Leone."