Oct 17
October 17, 2014

Analyzing and Learning from the CGI Commitment Portfolio


In advance of the 10th Annual Meeting, the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) conducted a review of our portfolio of Commitments to Action, to better understand how CGI members are improving lives around the world — and what we can learn for the next 10 years of commitments. 

At the Clinton Foundation, one of our guiding principals is “Results you can measure are the only results that matter.” Working with CGI member Palantir Technologies, we thoroughly analyzed the portfolio data, identified key trends, and quantitatively measured the impact of commitments in a variety of ways. Watch the video below to see how we utilized Palantir’s software in our analysis.

Analyzing the CGI Commitment Portfolio

The findings of the analysis confirmed a number of trends that we have observed over the first decade of CGI – namely that effective partnerships have become central to addressing global challenges:

  • By 2013, 91% of new commitments made were partnerships, compared to 65% in 2005. The percentage of partnerships between the private sector and NGOs has also more than doubled since 2005.
  • Commitments with partnerships have seen a higher success in reaching and exceeding goals, as opposed to commitments from a single member.
  • Over time, commitments became more focused on more direct interventions such as skills development, access to capital, STEM, and access to education – a shift from more indirect activities such as awareness-raising, policy and advocacy, peace building, and donations.

To learn more, watch the short video below – narrated by Chelsea Clinton – and read the full report of the commitment portfolio analysis.

Learning from the CGI Commitment Portfolio - CGI 2014 Annual Meeting

The data used in this analysis consisted of commitments made between 2005 and 2013 as well as progress that had been reported by members on these commitments. The analysis did not include new commitments announced in 2014, as they would not have a chance to report progress yet. A previous version of this post featured an interactive portal that CGI debuted at the 2014 Annual Meeting and made available until January 1, 2015, as the data corrolated the the commitments featured in this analysis.