Nov 30
November 30, 2014

How Do We Design for Impact in Health Care?


Imagine the power of having all your health care data, your family history, your doctor’s visits, the medications you’ve taken since birth, all in one app. How much easier would it be for us to switch physicians when needed, to file for health insurance reimbursements, and to understand our overall health better?  As our world becomes ever more interconnected and we see more and more health care apps introduced to market each day, health care institutions are working hard to find sustainable models for these emerging technologies. How can these companies harness today’s abundance of data and technology amidst these challenges to transform patient care and solve today’s greatest health care challenges?

HITLABSM, a healthcare innovation and teaching lab, is working with the Clinton Foundation's Health Matters Initiative, NewYork-Presbyterian, Blueprint Health, ProtoHack, Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness, StartUp Health, Columbia Business School Alumni Club of NY, and Columbia Industrial Engineering & Operations Research to bring together leaders in different sectors of health care to address and implement changes to how solutions are developed and funded. Together, we will address these challenges at our inaugural HITLAB Innovators SummitSM, sponsored by NewYork-Presbyterian, highlighting companies and individuals with the knowledge and vision to design tech solutions that put the patient first.

At the Summit we will address how to get the right solutions to the right people, because sometimes it’s not enough to just create innovative things. We have to consider how these solutions will reach the populations most in need—which, sadly, are often the ones who can’t afford or don’t have access to them. By funding solutions based on market needs, the drugs and medical innovations that we see today are not always the ones that address the most pressing healthcare needs.

These are just a few of the topics we’ll cover to address today’s global healthcare challenges, and we’re eager to see what our fellow innovators have to contribute to the Summit. We're thrilled to partner with the Clinton Foundation’s Health Matters Initiative and others to help our developers and designers creative innovative solutions to address health challenges. 

Learn more about the summit by visiting and join the discussion by following @HITLABnyc and using #HITLABsummit.