Dec 18
December 18, 2014

Fashion and Film Fuel Efforts to Save African Elephants


This past week, Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton and Chelsea Clinton co-hosted a reception with Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge, to honor and advance the efforts of conservation groups combatting elephant poaching and the illegal ivory trade.

In recent years, the African elephant population has dropped drastically from 1.2 million in 1980 to just 420,000 in 2012, according to CGI member the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). The crisis continues today as 96 elephants are brutally hunted and killed each day for their tusks and a seemingly insatiable demand for ivory.

The Clinton Foundation is working with conservation organizations to address this crisis through a three pronged approach: Stop the Killing, Stop the Trafficking, Stop the Demand.

One way  these organizations are working together is by raising awareness of governments, nonprofit organizations, and even individual citizens and consumers to end the demand for ivory.

The Clinton Foundation is engaging with new partners in fashion and consumer goods industries to raise awareness about this critical issue and disrupt social norms and misinformation about ivory.  

This fall, the Clinton Foundation launched the #SaveElephants campaign and teamed up with organizations like MADE, Toms and Brika, as well as leading conservation NGOs, to help raise awareness about the slaughter of elephants for ivory products and help fund efforts to save elephants.

We kicked off our efforts this year at New York Fashion Week, teaming up with MADE Fashion week and artist Tristin Lowe in the installation of a 10-foot-tall elephant that greeted models, fashion industry execs and fashion influentials alike as they filed in to watch their favorite runway shows. This past week, Pamela Love, SUNO and Prize Pins all unveiled their new limited-edition pieces from which a percentage of the proceeds will support conservation efforts.

We’ve also seen the momentum for this issue skyrocket in film, as new documentaries such as Saving Africa’s Giants, Last Days and White Gold (2015) are all raising awareness and driving the debate on why we must take action today.

You can also check out all the CGI commitments that have been made to stop this crisis.

So whether you’re holiday shopping, heading off to the movies, or just want to learn more – you can take steps to raise awareness and save African elephants by visiting our partners MADE, Toms and Brika online or by checking out Saving Africa’s Giants, Last Days and White Gold.