Mar 27
March 27, 2015

Ceiling Breaker for Female Entrepreneurship


Ana Veronica Ojeda Quispe is a 25-year-old entrepreneur living in the Isla Pata Yanaoco, in the state of Puno, Peru. Through the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership’s (Enterprise Partnership) Chakipi Acceso Distribution Enterprise, Ana Veronica sells consigned merchandise such as packaged foods, personal care items, pharmaceuticals, solar lamps, and clean cookstoves to her community members.

From a young age, Ana Veronica faced family turmoil. Her parents separated early in her childhood, and she grew up with an abusive stepmother. Ana Veronica attended elementary school until third grade, but at 11 years old, she decided to run away from home to escape the abuse.

Living on her own without the support of her family, Ana Veronica found work as a maid. At first she was very shy, but she learned how to build relationships with those around her, and as a result, she has developed people-management skills.

When Ana Veronica had her first child, she was faced with providing for her son as a single mother with very little education. Soon after, she learned about the Chakipi Acceso Distribution Enterprise when she met the Chakipi Acceso program developer, Dina Elizabeth Abarca Chipana, in Peru. Through the program, she taught Ana Veronica sales techniques and accompanied her on her first sales, which helped instill a sense of confidence within her so she would be able to make sales on her own to  generate more income for her family. Since joining the Chakipi Enterprise, she has increased her income by 70 percent – enabling her to save enough money to buy school supplies for her 5 children.

Ana Veronica believes that her ability to overcome barriers comes from her children. She says, “The love of my kids and the attitude to work keeps me alive. I want to be better and I want to improve my kids’ education.”

The love of my kids and the attitude to work keeps me alive. I want to be better and I want to improve my kids’ education.

Ana Veronica is proud to be a role model for her children in teaching them how to work hard, generate income, and prioritize education. Her unrelenting determination to provide for her family should be an inspiration to women everywhere.  

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