May 13
May 13, 2015

Supporters Reflect: Our Work in Africa


From April 29 to May 7, 2015, supporters of the Clinton Foundation visited the sites of several Clinton Foundation projects and CGI Commitments to Action that are improving the lives of thousands of people across Africa. This trip highlighted many of the issues that the Clinton Foundation has long worked on — economic growth and empowerment, climate change, empowering women and girlsglobal health and conservation. At the trip's conclusion, Omar Saeed from Scarsdale, New York, reflected on what it was like to see this work first-hand.  

Biggest Surprise
I knew that the Clinton Foundation has a powerful global reach. What has really surprised me though is the quality and depth of analysis that goes into making sure the Foundation is functioning at peak efficiency. The Foundation is on the forefront of NGO data collection and analysis. The ability to trust and study the data is integral to achieving outcomes that are scalable in Africa and even globally. It's not good enough to just make a difference, President Clinton and Chelsea are focused on achieving optimal efficiency with each project. 

Why I’m Optimistic
While all of the projects we visited are awe-inspiring, the Anchor Farm Project really encompasses the scalability of the Foundation’s work. The ability to help local farmers achieve much higher farming outputs regardless of the different environmental and local challenges means higher quality product as well as higher household incomes. The Clinton Development Initiative’s projects we saw in Tanzania truly have the ability to alter the future of the African continent. More importantly, the information transfer to the local communities makes the work self-sustaining long after the Foundation moves on from a project. The self-sustaining nature of the Foundation's work is the key to shaping Africa's agricultural future. 

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