Our Approach for Employers

Once the value of an Employee Energy Benefit is fully recognized, employers often have questions about the most efficient and impactful ways to introduce the benefit in their specific workplace(s). These questions are typically resolved through a proven, five-step process that CCI introduces in the program development phase.  By following this process, CCI is able to tailor the HEAL offering to the employer’s unique corporate goals, all while minimizing the burden on company resources.  The five process steps are:
  1. Goal Setting: Translate impact goals into outreach and engagement options for employer consideration
  2. Program Customization: Optimize a mix of direct and online employee engagement strategies that effectively meet goals and reporting needs
  3. Program Integration: Coordinate with local utilities, implementation and financial partners to design a locally attractive, integrated offering
  4. Pilot Testing: Create and implement pilot program to test process, messaging and feedback design
  5. Program Launch: Execute marketing outreach plan including robust measurement and feedback loops to foster additional program uptake
Once the design and testing phase is complete, the road is paved for a longer-term HEAL offering that is site-specific, sustainable, and easy to implement for the given corporate partner. 


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The Clinton Climate Initiative’s Home Energy Affordability Loan (HEAL) is the first of a new breed of employer-sponsored “energy benefits” which bring energy efficiency and sustainable practices to the workplace. Employee Energy Benefits are turnkey programs that are delivered in much the same way as voluntary benefit offerings, such as a 401k or Flexible Spending Account. As the pioneer program in this movement, HEAL is primarily designed to lower the employee-participant’s home energy expenses, but future Energy Benefit offerings could target other areas of impact such as commuting/transportation or water conservation. Read More