Operating Programs

Healthy Out-of-School Time

Out-of-school time efforts can empower youth to take interest in their own health, create solutions for their community, and sustain change for their generation.

In one of the first efforts of its kind, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation is providing guidance for communities nationwide to transform the areas where kids spend their time before school, after school, and during school breaks. The Alliance is now reaching more than 242,000 youth, through more than 2,000 out-of-school time program sites, to improve access to healthier foods and increase opportunities for physical activity outside of the school day. Healthy Out-of-School Time focuses on a framework that combines best practices for youth engagement with healthy eating and physical activity (HEPA) standards. By providing the needed expertise and resources, the Alliance is empowering youth-serving organizations to create active environments and healthy habits in communities around the county.

Out-of-school time settings can play a key role in developing a child’s healthy eating and physical activity habits. Access to nutritious foods in out-of-school time settings could determine a young person’s diet. And physical activity opportunities get kids moving throughout the day and teaches them how to stay active for a lifetime.

Out-of-school time providers across the country are already supporting the healthy development of young people. To build on these efforts, the Alliance is combining its knowledge and experience to give staff in these settings the most comprehensive support possible to create environments for healthier eating and more physical activity.