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Healthy Schools Program

Healthy kids have higher attendance rates, higher test scores, and behave better in class.

Today, nearly one out of every three young people in America, ages 2 to 19, is already overweight or obese – leading to a dramatic rise in Type 2 diabetes among children and presaging numerous health problems in adulthood. Because there is no single cause for this epidemic, the Alliance’s Healthy Schools Program takes a comprehensive approach to building healthier learning environments for students and staff, providing free technical assistance to any school that wants to participate.

The Alliance believes that healthier school environments are essential to equipping students with the knowledge and skills necessary to make healthy choices throughout their lifetimes. Healthier school environments also help students learn better. Studies strongly suggest that students who are physically fit and eat well perform better on tests, get better grades, attend school more often, and behave better in class.

The Healthy Schools Program supports more than 20 million students by improving physical education, health education, child nutrition, and staff wellness policies and programs in nearly 35,000 schools. The Healthy Schools Program receives the majority of its funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to support schools in states with the highest rates of obesity.

The Healthy Schools Program supports schools in developing healthier school environments and recognizes schools that succeed through its national recognition program. Support and recognition of schools are centered on the following objectives:

• Establishing a healthy school environment as an education priority

• Providing healthier food options for students during the regular and extended school day

• Increasing opportunities for students to move and play

• Developing programs for teachers and staff to become healthy role models

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