Operating Programs

School Beverage Agreement

Our industry agreement has resulted in a 90% reduction in calories shipped to schools across the country.

Soft drinks and sugary juices are a major source of empty calories in school cafeterias. Between 2004 and 2010, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation brokered voluntary agreements with leading beverage manufacturers to replace full-calorie soft drinks in schools with more nutritious, smaller-portioned beverages. These agreements have reduced the number of total beverage calories shipped to schools by 90 percent — improving the lives of tens of millions of kids. Through this and other Industry Initiatives involving more than 120 companies, we help businesses become part of the solution — and prove that corporations can be socially responsible while continuing to be profitable.

The Alliance has been working in schools to transform campuses into healthier places since 2006, and has authored countless case studies documenting the adoption of the Alliance School Beverage, Snack, and School Meal guidelines as well as procurement changes. As seen in our nearly 35,000 schools across the country working toward a healthier school environment, we know that improving school beverage, snack, and school meal standards can positively impact student health and lead to better behavior and academic performance.