Economic Development

Economic Development

We believe that for real economic development to occur, people must have opportunities for education and employment. By increasing access to these resources, as well as to investment capital and markets, we aim to give individuals the opportunity to work their way out of poverty and uplift their communities.

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More About Our Work in Economic Development

In some of the poorest regions of Africa, where much of the population is reliant on agriculture to sustain their livelihoods and support their families, farmers have the drive but lack the tools to cultivate their crops in the most productive way. In Latin America, the lack of opportunities for education and employment prevents the poor from working their way out of poverty.

The common thread through all of these regions is that while intelligence, hard work, and ability are all evenly distributed, opportunity is not. This unequal distribution of opportunity – including access to investment capital, markets, and education – leads to huge economic disparities, both within and among countries, and prevents underserved populations from realizing their potential. By ensuring that the benefits and opportunities of our global economy are more evenly distributed, we can build a world where people everywhere have the chance to support their families, uplift their communities, and live out their dreams.