Clinton Climate Initiative

Women in Renewable Energy (WIRE) Network

About WIRE

In response to the underrepresentation of women in island energy leadership positions, the Clinton Climate Initiative and Chelsea Clinton launched the Women in Renewable Energy (WIRE) Network to empower the next generation of women leaders in island nations. The WIRE Network is a professional development network comprised of a mentoring program and a digital platform with the mission to increase the number of women in leadership positions within the energy sector. The WIRE Network provides leadership and technical skills development opportunities as well as a support system for women to give them the tools to help lead island nations transition to renewable energy.

A Network for Island Women Leaders in Energy

The Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) Islands Energy Program works closely with governments and utilities on small island developing states to address the technical challenges related to renewable energy deployment and to increase the resiliency of communities facing climate change.

CCI’s experience in this island energy space indicates that women are often underrepresented at many levels. Women often hold mid-level positions in government entities and utilities and are integrally involved in energy planning and project execution, yet rarely rise to upper management or receive formal recognition. Because of CCI’s cross-sectoral collaborations, it is in a unique position to also help facilitate women’s rise to more empowered upper management roles in the energy sector through the WIRE Network.


The WIRE Mentor Network

Through a mentorship program and a digital communication platform, the WIRE Mentor Network provides the tools for women in islands to grow professionally and expand their networks. The program connects senior women in energy from islands with mid-career women in clean energy fields who demonstrate leadership potential and strive to reach management levels. After one year, the original mentees transition to the mentor role, providing guidance to a new cohort of mentees. In the second year, the mentees become mentors. Within two years, the program creates a close yet diverse network of island women who learn from each other and develop technical and soft skills to progress their careers. It is also a unique opportunity for the women of the WIRE Mentor Network to expand their network outside of their island community. The digital communications platform provides webinars on various technical topics and quarterly newsletters that include upcoming networking events, climate change data, relevant news articles, and spotlights on leading women in energy. As of 2017, the WIRE Network has grown to more than 450 members from more than 45 countries. To subscribe to the WIRE Network email list and receive information about webinars, events, and how to apply for the mentorship program, click here.