Clinton Foundation in Haiti

Clinton Foundation in Haiti

After the 2010 earthquake, President Clinton formed the Clinton Foundation Haiti Fund and raised $16.4 million from individual donors for immediate relief efforts.

Since 2010, the Clinton Foundation has raised more than $30 million for Haiti, including relief funds, as well as funds for projects focused on supporting Haiti’s small and medium businesses, improving livelihoods, enhancing education and exploring the nexus of agriculture, energy and the environment.

All money collected by the Clinton Foundation was immediately directed to help in the wake of the devastating earthquake. The Clinton Foundation did not take a penny for overhead or charge any administrative fee. 

More About the Clinton Foundation in Haiti

The Clinton Foundation has also worked in the country through the Haiti Action Network – which has generated 130 commitments to action that are worth more than $300 million. The impact of Haiti Action Network members includes:

  • 590,000 people received better access to health care services

  • 100,000 children gained access to education

  • 4,400 acres of forest protected or restored

  • 125,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions reduced

  • 65,000 farmers with improved livelihoods

Clinton Foundation partners focus on creating sustainable economic growth in the five priority sectors of agriculture, energy, environment, tourism, and artisans/manufacturing. The Foundation promoted full-cycle investing in these sectors, bringing together producers, investors, and markets in a way that is socially, environmentally, and economically impactful. Through this approach, the Clinton Foundation has helped Haitian businesses develop their skills, increase their productivity, build their capacity, and connect with international partners and markets.