Women’s Economic Participation Consortium

The Clinton Foundation’s No Ceilings and Haiti initiatives partnered with the Leslois-Shaw Foundation to launch the Women’s Economic Participation Consortium, a professional and business growth platform that works to enhance sustainable economic opportunities for women in Haiti. The Consortium was created to offer targeted services to women-owned businesses and agricultural cooperatives that have overcome significant obstacles to establish a solid business foundation in Haiti, and that now require next-level support to become investment-ready and to access new opportunities for growth.

The twelve socially and environmentally responsible businesses and cooperatives that are involved in the program represent over 800 employees and over 5,000 cooperative members – predominantly women. Support is being provided to Consortium participants by local and international partners, such as CASELI and Fonkoze, at both the entrepreneur and the employee level, and include financial services, entrepreneurial training, and networking and mentorship opportunities. Through these activities, the Clinton Foundation hopes to advance the economic participation of women in Haiti’s economy and promote women as important business leaders, empowered employees, and dynamic entrepreneurs.