Marriott Hotel Project

A new Marriott Hotel, in collaboration with the Digicel Group, will help improve Haiti's business climate and generate local opportunities.

The Clinton Foundation continues to respond to critical needs in Haiti by focusing its efforts on Haiti’s long-term development and strategic planning and by encouraging foreign and private sector investments and job creation. In 2011, the Clinton Foundation facilitated the signing of a development and operating agreement between Marriott Hotel and the Digicel Group to build a 175-room Marriott branded hotel in the Turgeau area of Port-au-Prince. In 2014, the Marriott/Digicel hotel welcomed its first guests.

Through its commitment to local procurement, the Marriott/Digicel hotel has generated opportunities for Haitian small businesses and entrepreneurs who supply goods and services to the hotel. In addition, the hotel has created more than 175 new, stable, and competitively paid jobs in Port-au-Prince.