Thirty-one percent of the Natchez population resides in poverty, and only 20 percent have health insurance.

Natchez, the birthplace of Mississippi, is federally designated as a Preserve America Community. Located in Adams County, it is the oldest town on the Mississippi River and is named for the Natchez Indians, its first inhabitants. In 1716, the French colonized Natchez. Today, Natchez is home to a growing tourism industry that attracts approximately 700,000 tourists annually. In 2013, tourists spent $106,686,106 in Adams County. The tourism industry accounts for nearly 20 percent of local employment. The County also has the eighth largest hotel industry in the state.

Adams County Blueprint for Action

Natchez, a certified retirement community, has a population of 15,513. It is the only city in rural Adams County. Adams County has a population of 32,297, of which 27 percent are children and 16 percent are elderly. Blacks make up more than half (53 percent) of the population, while 44.7 percent are white, 0.5 percent are Asian, and 0.5 percent are American Indian. The median household income is $27,381. Thirty-one percent of the population resides in poverty, and only 20 percent have health insurance.

Like most of Mississippi, Adams County is a rural county that has many health disparities due to poverty and limited access 
to healthy foods, physical activity, and quality primary health care. Given these facts, CHMI’s primary goal is to decrease the prevalence of preventable disease by 2020, including addressing preventable and reversible chronic conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and infant mortality. In Adams County, CHMI and Humana see a unique opportunity to develop and implement strategies that will address the underlying causes of poor health.