140 community leaders working together to improve local health and wellness.

The Coachella Valley in southeastern California is part of a region known as the “Inland Empire.” The Coachella Valley is rich in the diversity of its peoples and its breathtaking terrain. The deserts, mountains, the Salton Sea, and the immense agricultural space are home to almost 400,000 residents. Coachella’s agricultural communities produce crops ranging from citrus and dates to alfalfa and grapes. View CHMI's Coachella Valley Blueprint for Action, our 2016 Progress Report, and our newly-released Five-Year Report.

Read our Five-Year Progress Report

In the Coachella Valley, tourism and agriculture are leading economic drivers; both bring a large number of seasonal residents to the valley for work and play. Despite this, the area is also home to some of the nation’s poorest communities, with a child poverty rate of nearly 70 percent and record numbers of families without access to fresh produce and healthy food options. In December 2012, CHMI guided 140 Coachella Valley community leaders in creating the initiative’s first regional Blueprint for Action, a strategic plan outlining 44 steps that will improve local health and wellness.