The population of Knox County in 2015 was 51,441 with anticipated growth to 58,863 by 2025.

Located in northwestern Illinois, Knox County has a rich history tied to manufacturing, transportation, agriculture and the abolitionist movement. Founded in 1825, Knox County was named in honor of Henry Knox, Washington’s Secretary of War. The county seat is located in the city of Galesburg, home to Knox County’s historic railroad and Knox College, a nationally ranked liberal arts college. Knox College was designated a “Freedom Station” by the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center and was the site of the fifth Lincoln-Douglas debate in 1858. Today, Knox County has an estimated population of 51,000 with a median household income of $39,800. In 2015, 95 percent of Knox County residents reported having health insurance and yet 15 percent of the total population reported that they were unable to access medical care; of these, 22 percent reported this was due to an inability to afford copayments or deductibles.

Knox County Blueprint for Action