Northeast Florida

The senior population in Northeast Florida is projected to double by 2020.

Northeast Florida is a five county region that is diverse in its geography, demography, and infrastructure. The region is a hub for bio-science research including robust research in genetic medicine at the Mayo Clinic and revolutionary proton beam cancer treatment at UF Health. The region is over 3,000 sq. miles and is home to nearly 1.4 million people, the majority of whom live in Jacksonville, the most populous city in the state. Read CHMI's Northeast Florida Blueprint for Action.

See Our Progress in Northeast Florida

Northeast Florida experiences extreme wealth disparities, which are reflected in employment, educational attainment, access to healthy foods, and other important assets for community health. Furthermore, coming demographic shifts present Northeast Florida with a number of important challenges. Most notably, the senior population is projected to double by 2020, creating a greater need for health care services for those seniors and often poorer health outcomes for their caregivers. Still, Jacksonville boasts more green space than any other city in the United States, with an urban park system that measures over 80,000 acres. The moderate climate and proximity to the water make Jacksonville a popular location for water sports and golf, with the PGA TOUR headquarters located in nearby Ponte Vedra Beach.