Translating Research into Practice

The Clinton Foundation brings together experts from across sectors to research, compile, and disseminate the best available science on substance use disorders. Through a partnership between Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the Clinton Foundation, a multidisciplinary team of leaders were convened to discuss evidence-based solutions to address the opioid epidemic. The partnership culminated with the development and release of the report The Opioid Epidemic – From Evidence to Impact which provides guidance for policymakers, clinicians, community-based organizations, and others who are searching for solutions to address the opioid epidemic.  

The Clinton Foundation also partnered with Harvard Medical School to develop OpioidX: The Opioid Crisis in America, an educational platform that is being leveraged to empower human resource professionals to address opioid addiction and dependency in the workplace. The goal is to provide tools, resources, and evidence-based best practices to assist employees dealing with substance use disorders. Over 15,000 people have taken the course to date.

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