Community Health

The Clinton Foundation's Community Health Transformation model fills a key role in communities with a wide range of organizations who are all making a concerted effort to improve health and wellness. These entities include local governments; hospitals, doctors, and others in the provider community; local nonprofits and support groups; members of the local business community; and many others. Without one cohesive strategy, many of their efforts to promote health and wellness do not complement each other as effectively as possible, and therefore are not as impactful.

The Clinton Foundation works in communities across the United States, helping unite community members around a strategic plan for improving the health and wellness of residents, and then helps turn that plan into action. We take a careful and deliberate approach to building out the blueprint and identifying ways to improve health outcomes. In each of our communities, we:

  • Take an intensive look at the community’s overall health and wellness, including an examination of community and population health indicators to determine areas of greatest need;

  • Convene key stakeholders from across sectors to hear more about what organizations and leaders have been doing and what their priorities are;

  • Work collaboratively with these stakeholders to chart a local Blueprint for Action, which includes key priority areas and specific recommendations;

  • Coordinate across sectors to help implement solutions identified in the Blueprint for Action; and

  • Work with national, regional, and local experts and programs to leverage additional resources that will help advance priority actions in the local Blueprint for Action.