Too Small to Fail

Too Small to Fail

Every child deserves the best possible chance at success in school and in life.

Too Small to Fail aims to help parents, communities, and businesses take specific actions to improve the health and well-being of children from birth to age five so that more of America’s children are prepared for success. Too Small to Fail’s public awareness and action campaign raises awareness among parents and caregivers about the critical importance of talking, reading, and singing during everyday moments and provides them with tools to engage in these language-rich interactions.

More About Too Small to Fail

Too Small to Fail, an initiative of the Clinton Foundation, is leading a public awareness and action campaign to promote the importance of early brain and language development and to empower parents with tools to talk, read, and sing with their young children from birth. Almost 60 percent of American children start kindergarten unprepared, lagging behind their peers in critical language, math, and social-emotional skills. Research shows that simple, everyday interactions with young children – like describing objects seen during a walk or bus ride, singing songs, or telling stories – can build their vocabularies, prepare them for school, and lay a strong foundation for lifelong learning.

Through partnerships with pediatricians, hospitals, faith-based leaders, community based organizations, businesses, entertainment industry executives, and others, Too Small to Fail is meeting parents where they are to help them prepare their children for success in school and beyond. Whether at the pediatrician's office or the playground, Too Small to Fail aims to make small moments big by creating opportunities for meaningful interactions anytime, anywhere.