Presidential Leadership Scholars

Presidential Leadership Scholars

The George W. Bush Presidential Center, the Clinton Foundation, the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library Foundation, and the Lyndon Baines Johnson Foundation have partnered to establish a one-of-a-kind executive-style leadership program for those in the private, nonprofit, public, and military sectors who have a strong record of professional achievement, a commitment to their community, and a collaborative spirit that welcomes new ideas about leadership.

61 scholars have been invited to participate in the program's second class. See the full list of 2016 scholars here. 

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Over the course of six months, those selected to participate have an opportunity to travel to each participating presidential center where the curriculum incorporates lessons from former presidents, key administration officials, and leading academics. Scholars study and put into practice varying approaches to leadership, develop a network of peers, and exchange ideas with mentors and others equipped to help them make an impact in their communities.

The sessions at each presidential center explore the specific skills associated with vision and communication, decision-making, influence and persuasion, and coalition building. Each of these core components are woven together with in-depth examples drawn from the four respective administrations. While the lessons are applicable across all sectors, the curriculum is unique in that it draws from presidential archives in order to provide insight into how each commander-in-chief addressed pressing challenges.

Beyond their exposure to interactive faculty-led sessions, scholars hone their personal leadership development through executive coaching. Peer learning groups offer support and partnership as they apply the skills they learn in the program to achieve positive social impacts through their personal leadership projects. 

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