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NEW: Aspiration signs on as CGI sustainability partner

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Today, the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) announced that the CGI 2022 meeting will be carbon neutral in partnership with Aspiration, a global leader in sustainability services for people and businessesAs CGI’s Sustainability Partner for the 2022 Meeting, Aspiration conducted a comprehensive review of the Meeting’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions footprint, including not only power and purchased goods and services, but the travel and accommodations of the more than 1,000 attendees. Those emissions were then offset via high quality carbon credits that meet the Aspiration Standard of dependability, strengthening biodiversity, and enhancing local economies.


Working with CGI, Aspiration will fully offset these emissions via high quality nature-based carbon credits, which provide other co-benefits such as enhancing local economies and strengthening biodiversity. Aspiration has conducted reviews and carbon offsetting for other conferences, and was recently selected by the International Finance Corporation and the World Bank to anchor its first carbon credits funds, based on the quality of Aspiration’s nature-based carbon credits program.


For CGI 2022, Aspiration has identified two specific projects in Africa and Asia that will not only help offset the meeting’s carbon emissions, but also provide critical employment opportunities in these communities.

  • Northern Kenya Grasslands: Partnering with local pastoralists to implement strategic, rotational grazing practices to address overgrazing and frequent droughts, improving the health of the grasslands.
  • Katingan Conservation Project: Working to rehabilitate nearly 150,000 hectares of vital peatland habitats in Indonesia for dozens of critically endangered and vulnerable species.


Upon full review of the CGI Meeting’s carbon footprint, Aspiration will fund a portion of these projects to offset this footprint and release more details at that time.


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