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Statement from President Clinton on the Build Back Better Framework

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For Immediate Release: October 28, 2021

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 Statement from President Clinton on the Build Back Better Framework


Today’s Build Back Better framework is a big step forward in the quest for a more perfect union. It will strengthen the middle class and lift more lower-income people into it. Millions of young parents will be able to enter the workforce because of the provisions for more affordable child care, universal pre-school, and the extension of the child tax credit. Millions more will get health care for the first time or better options at lower cost, including older Americans. The climate change initiatives will help us to preserve the planet for our children and grandchildren, and along with the infrastructure bill, will create a huge number of good paying jobs in every corner of America. In strengthening our commitment to work and family, the framework respects our great diversity and builds on it by lifting all Americans together. I send my congratulations and gratitude to President Biden and the Democrats in Congress. I look forward to its passage which will put our country on a path toward shared growth for years to come.