September 9, 2013
Sep 09

Clinton Foundation to Convene Employee Effectiveness and Wellbeing Forum in New York

New York, NY
Press Release

(New York, NY)—On Thursday, September 12th, the Clinton Foundation’s Health Matters Initiative (CHMI) will hold a forum with senior leaders on accelerating effective and scalable action to improve employee health and wellbeing. This first ever Employee Effectiveness and Wellbeing Forum will take place at the W Hotel Union Square in New York City on September 12th.

The un-well workforce costs employers $153 billion annually, a figure set to rise to $1.201 trillion by 2023, and $5.668 trillion by 2050.  If left unchecked, the chronic and preventable disease that affects one in two adults will continue to decrease productivity, and increase workforce stress, presenteeism, absenteeism, and health care costs. 

CHMI is committed to supporting employers in their efforts to create healthier environments through an integrated approach of addressing employee health through value added benefits design, along with existing employee wellness programs, corporate social responsibility investments, and core business practices. CHMI aims to improve employee wellbeing by reducing stress, increasing physical activity and nutrition, increasing smoking cessation, and decreasing workplace injury.

The event will begin with a panel that will frame the discussion and touch on the key topics in employee wellness.  Participants in this panel will include Dr. Michael Sokol from Sanofi, Kristine Muller from Humana, and Ginny Ehrlich from the Clinton Foundation.  They will share their successes, ideas, and future opportunities for creating a healthy and productive workforce that yields positive economic returns.   Other forum attendees will include executives from large and innovative employers including Verizon, Humana, and Microsoft, among others.

Following the panel, participants will break out into private facilitated discussion groups to touch on opportunities, success, and barriers to improving employee health and wellbeing and instituting a comprehensive approach while meeting the needs of shareholders and other stakeholders. The Clinton Foundation drives the process to determine how successes may be replicated and barriers minimized through a collective brain trust and available resources.

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About the Clinton Health Matters Initiative
The Clinton Health Matters Initiative (CHMI) works to improve the health and well-being of people across the United States by activating individuals, communities, and organizations to make meaningful contributions to the health of others. CHMI works to implement evidence-based systems, environmental and investment strategies, with the goals of ultimately reducing the prevalence of preventable diseases, reducing health care costs associated with preventable diseases, and improving the quality of life for people across America. CHMI works to activate individuals to lead healthier lives by providing a platform to access local, scalable solutions for healthy change agents; advance community health by closing gaps in health disparities and focusing efforts in underserved areas; and, engage the private sector through pledges to improve the health and well-being of the nation. These successes are showcased each January at the Health Matters conference, where national thought leaders convene to discuss ways in which individuals, communities, and corporations can contribute to the health of others.


Thursday, September 12, 2013
9:15 AM EST
W Hotel
201 Park Ave South
New York, NY 10003

10:00 AM EST
Opening Panel Discussion with Dr. Michael Sokol from Sanofi, Kristine Muller from Humana, and Ginny Ehrlich from the Clinton Foundation
W Hotel
201 Park Ave South
New York, NY 10003