October 9, 2013
Oct 09

Clinton Health Matters Initiative Launches in Northeast Florida and Reveals Blueprint for Action in Central Arkansas

New York, NY
Press Release

(New York, NY)—Today, the Clinton Health Maters Initiative (CHMI), an initiative of the Clinton Foundation that works to improve health and wellbeing, announced its expansion into the Northeast Florida Region, and revealed its Blueprint for Action for Central Arkansas.  These two announcements mark the next stage for CHMI, following a year of rapid growth after its launch in November, 2012. 

Now operating in four communities, CHMI works at the national and community levels to encourage corporations, communities, and individuals to contribute to the health and wellness of others by building strategic partnerships, working across sectors to develop and implement systemic approaches to creating healthier communities, and hosting a digital platform to feature strategies for replication.  To engage individuals, CHMI has joined with global associates, including Verizon, which serves as CHMI’s technology partner. Verizon is committed to using its technology and expertise to help improve overall health and well-being, increase access to healthcare, and lower medical costs. 

CHMI currently works in the Coachella Valley, Central Arkansas, and Greater Houston.  In partnership with the PGA TOUR and the PLAYERS CHAMPIONSHIP, the Clinton Foundation selected Northeast Florida as its next community.  Expanding CHMI to the Northeast Florida Region will bring great health benefits to the community, whose senior population is projected to double by 2020, which will create a greater need for health care services for both seniors and their caretakers.    In addition, there is great geographic disparity in health across the region—while one county, St. Johns, ranks first in Florida for the health outcomes measured by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, another, Baker County, ranks 62nd of 67 counties. 

The measurable health outcomes for communities working with CHMI include improvement in key preventable disease measures and health and well-being indicators; reduction in health care costs associated with preventable disease; reduction in health disparities; and increased investments in commitments made by individuals, corporations, and organizations to contribute to the health and well-being of others.

“Health and wellness are key concerns of our organization, from the Commissioner on down,” said Matt Rapp, Executive Director of the PLAYERS CHAMPIONSHIP.  “Northeast Florida being our home, we also see it as critical for our area and its future growth and wellbeing.  We look forward to working with the Clinton Health Matters Initiative not only through our support but in helping to facilitate any necessary changes that will bring about a healthier and happier Northeast Florida.”

Each community in which CHMI works develops a Blueprint for Action, outlining bold actions to improve health.  Today, CHMI released its Blueprint for Action for Central Arkansas, which establishes bold actions to promote health and wellness in the region.  The Blueprint, created in collaboration with more than 175 members of the Central Arkansas community, builds on existing community efforts and enhances existing community infrastructure to address health and wellness for all generations. 

“We are grateful to our partners for working together to create an actionable road map that will bring about better health for the Central Arkansas community,” said Ginny Ehrlich, CEO of the Clinton Health Matters Initiative.  “We do have challenges to address, but we are optimistic that together with leaders from all sectors of the Central Arkansas community, this vision can become a reality.”

The Central Arkansas Blueprint is available online at http://www.clintonfoundation.org/files/chmi_central_arkansas_blueprint.pdf.

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