CGI Action Network on Post-Disaster Recovery

Creating partnerships to support disaster recovery, response, and resilience in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean


As hurricanes and natural disasters become more frequent and intense, islands across the Caribbean region must balance rebuilding efforts, preparation for future storms, and the longer-term investments needed to address the systemic challenges that make Caribbean islands and economies so vulnerable.

Launched in 2018 following the devastation of the 2017 hurricane season, the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Action Network on Post-Disaster Recovery is a network of over 700 organizations committed to advancing response, recovery, and resiliency efforts across the Caribbean region in the face of climate change.

Join the network

Interested in expanding resilience in the wake of a natural disaster? Send us a note to learn how you might partner and participate in the Action Network on Post-Disaster Recovery.

President Clinton, Secretary Clinton, Chef José Andrés, and farmers speak to the press at a farm in Puerto Rico
President Clinton takes a photo on stage with commitment-makers
President Clinton visits with students at a school in Puerto Rico
Secretary Clinton moderates a panel discussion in Puerto Rico
Rosie Perez participates in a working group discussion
Nikima Royer Jno Baptiste participates in a plenary session
President Clinton visits a community center in San Juan, PR
President Clinton speaks on stage during a plenary session
President Clinton and Secretary Clinton help plant tree saplings in Puerto Rico
Members of Solar Libre stand next to solar panels on a roof in Puerto Rico
Secretary Clinton takes a photo with midwives and a new mother at a maternal community center in Puerto Rico
Clinton Foundation CEO Kevin Thurm speaks to Luis A. Miranda, Jr. in Puerto Rico
President Clinton visits a medical center in the U.S. Virgin Islands
Farmers take a photo together on their farm
Vanessa Caldari, founder of Centro MAM, meets with representatives from the Hispanic Foundation and Solar Libre in front of the center in Puerto Rico
Medical supplies and equipment being offloaded from an airplane in Puerto Rico
President Clinton plays a video game with a child in the U.S. Virgin Islands
President Clinton moderates a panel discussion in Puerto Rico
Secretary Clinton plants saplings during a site visit to a tree nursery in Puerto Rico
A representative from the World Central Kitchen stands at a table displaying various food items in Puerto Rico


The CGI Action Network regularly convenes members of the Action Network to meet and learn from one another, creating a community of like-minded organizations who can share knowledge, support, and resources with one another. We also work with members to identify new projects and broker partnerships that will advance response, recovery, and resiliency efforts across the region. These projects and partnerships are known as “Commitments to Action,” and form the core product of the Action Network.

The Action Network operates across a broad spectrum of issues, ranging from disaster preparedness and the coordination of immediate response efforts, to the recovery activities necessary to rebuild communities, to the broader and longer-term resilience of islands and their economies.

  • Response

    In the immediate aftermath of a hurricane or other natural disaster, the Action Network serves as a coordination platform for a broad array of organizations active in the region and responding to the crisis.

  • Recovery

    As immediate response efforts begin to ramp down, the Action Network works to elevate credible statements of need from affected island communities and bring the expertise and knowledge of its membership base to bear on these critical priorities.

  • Resilience

    As islands transition to the long-term recovery phase, and prepare for the next hurricane season, the Action Network helps to identify and champion creative solutions to address the challenges that make the Caribbean vulnerable in the first place by offering inspiration to one another, building shared solutions, and setting a common agenda for a climate-resilient Caribbean region.