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Umeed-e-Noor Center of Excellence for Special Children

[commitment-title title='Summary'] Umeed-e-Noor intends to provide the infrastructure and support necessary to meet the needs of special children, including a residential facility for them. Particular emphasis is placed on aiding…

Local Leaders Project

[commitment-title title='Summary'] In 2008, 1Sky committed to launching the Local Leaders program, a new initiative that aimed to recruit, train and mobilize thousands of citizens to action on securing bold…

Support Us

For Individuals Your tax-deductible gift makes our work possible, and every gift matters. We invite you to scroll down to learn more about the Foundation’s priorities and giving opportunities, and…


[commitment-title title='Summary'] In 2008, the Malaysian AIDS Council (MAC) committed to help reduce HIV vulnerability among sex workers and transsexuals through community empowerment. To fulfill this commitment, the Malaysian AIDS…

Safe Motherhood in Lwala, Kenya

[commitment-title title='Summary'] In 2009, the Lwala Community Alliance committed to work with the community of Lwala to construct, equip, and staff a basic emergency obstetric care facility, train traditional birth…
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