The enduring lessons of President Clinton’s lifetime of public service can be applied to the challenges of today. Through our “On This Day” video series, and programs from the Clinton Presidential Center and Project 42, we’re taking you back to where his story of public service started and the roots of our impact.


“On This Day” Video Series

President Clinton raises his right hand while taking the oath of office in front of the United States Capitol
President Clinton stands behind a podium with the presidential seal and points toward a chart which says "reducing the deficit: the Clinton record"
Wide shot of exhibits at the Clinton Presidential Library
President Clinton and a group of individuals walk outside. Several are wearing red Americorps jackets.
President Clinton stands with Rosa Parks in the Oval Office. Rosa Parks holds the Presidential Medal of Freedom certificate.
A group of Americorps volunteers stand in the Oval Office raising their right hands
President Clinton is handed a bowl of shamrocks
President Clinton and a group of children stand behind a menorah
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Download our 20th anniversary collection from President Clinton, sharing some of his most memorable and meaningful speeches since leaving office.