Clinton Presidential Park

The Clinton Center is located in a 30-acre city park surrounded by trees and flora native to the area.

Anne Frank Installation

The Anne Frank Installation memorializes the spirit of Anne Frank and the white horse chestnut tree, which she saw through the window of the Secret Annex where she and her family hid. This powerful installation promotes the teaching of social justice, and displays the complex history of human rights in Arkansas and throughout the world, through reflections on the Holocaust, the Indian Removal Act of 1830, Japanese-American Internment, and the Central High Integration Crisis.

WATCH: dedication of the Anne Frank Installation

In October 2015, President Bill Clinton joined family members of Holocaust survivors, members of the Quapaw Tribe, Japanese Americans who were interned during World War II, relatives of the Little Rock Nine, and hundreds of school children, who gathered in the Clinton Presidential Park, to celebrate the opening of our newest permanent exhibition, The Anne Frank Installation.


The Bill Clark Wetlands includes 13 acres of restored wetlands and a 1,600-foot boardwalk for visitors to discover the wildlife and river life that inhabit the area. The wetlands are named for William E. “Bill” Clark, who was an avid outdoorsman and strong civic, charitable, and political leader in Arkansas.

Clinton Presidential Park Bridge

The renovation of the Clinton Presidential Park Bridge closed the eastern loop of the 14-mile Arkansas River Trail. The bridge, which serves as a visual representation of President Clinton’s “Bridge to the 21st Century,” was originally built in 1899 and is one of three downtown Arkansas River crossings lit with environmentally-friendly LED lights.

WATCH: Clinton Presidential Park Bridge Dedication

In 2011, President Bill Clinton, along with state and local leaders, led a dedication ceremony for the Clinton Presidential Park Bridge and the Bill Clark Wetlands.

Choctaw Station, Sturgis Hall

Home to the Little Rock offices of the Clinton Foundation and the University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service, the renovated 1899 Choctaw passenger station of the former Choctaw, Oklahoma, and Gulf Railroad (CO&G) and Rock Island Railroad, is a unique historical structure. It became the oldest LEED-EB certified building in Arkansas in 2014.

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