Fraud Alert

Updated 10/05/2016

Recently, some Foundation donors have received emails saying their Foundation account information has been hacked, and seeking to confirm personal information via a linked website. This email is not from the Clinton Foundation – it is a phishing attempt. We urge you not to respond to or click on the link in the email. Any legitimate email from the Foundation will come only from a email address.

If you receive a phishing email, or have any questions about the authenticity of an email purporting to be from the Foundation, please contact


Updated 06/28/2016

Several fraudulent solicitations claiming to be from or associated with the Clinton Foundation and its initiatives and affiliated entities are circulating the internet. Such solicitations, which are sent in a variety of forms including email and social media messaging, may falsely state that they are issued by, or in association with, the Clinton Foundation, its staff, and/or a member of the Clinton family. They may include the Clinton Foundation logo or the logos of the Foundation’s initiatives and affiliated entities, links to the Foundation’s website or the websites of its affiliated entities, names of Foundation staff members, and reference to Foundation events. Please see the list at the bottom of this page for examples of such scams.

The Foundation is taking steps to address these scams, but unfortunately, cannot stop them all. If you receive a solicitation that you feel is suspicious, please forward it to To be clear, the Clinton Foundation, its employees, and its representatives do not:

  • Sponsor lotteries or award prize money to individuals or organizations.
  • Randomly select individuals to participate in Foundation events, such as workshops, conferences, and awards ceremonies.
  • Send unsolicited emails from Foundation board members or representatives, other than those that originate from the Foundation’s official mailing list.
  • Send Foundation-related correspondence via LinkedIn InMail, Twitter Direct Message, Facebook Messenger, or any other social media messaging applications.
  • Send unsolicited emails or messages on social media offering President Clinton, Secretary Clinton, or Chelsea Clinton’s participation in an event.

Please exercise extreme caution if you receive solicitations that are not from a verifiable representative of the Foundation, from a verifiable email address. Below are some tips to help you avoid scams:

  • Disregard emails that say you have won a lottery or have been awarded a cash prize.
  • Do not respond to emails or direct messages (including messages sent on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media forum) that claim to be from President Clinton, Secretary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, or any of their representatives.
  • Avoid filling out forms embedded in email messages.
  • Be extremely cautious if you receive unsolicited emails requesting personal or financial information, or asking you to wire money.
  • If you would like to make a contribution to the Clinton Foundation, ensure you do so by directly visiting the “Ways to Give” page on the Foundation’s website.
  • Verify any questionable or suspicious solicitation you receive by contacting the appropriate Foundation office or representative, or by emailing

Below are examples of scams that have been reported to the Clinton Foundation. This is not an exhaustive list:

  • Communication from an individual using the domain This individual may use the name Lisa Marks, and may represent his/herself as President Clinton’s executive assistant. This domain name and individual are in no way affiliated with President Clinton or the Clinton Foundation and all communications from this person regarding President Clinton are fraudulent. Any and all Foundation-related scheduling requests for President Clinton must be directed to
  • Emails inviting attendees to an EBOLA & HIV-AIDS Prevention and Eradication Workshop, including emails from a or domain.
  • Emails from an individual or individuals, including someone identifying himself as “Emmanuel A. Cole,” related to the Bill Clinton Foundation for Peace (BCFP) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This organization is in no way affiliated with the Clinton Foundation.
  • Emails from an individual or individuals misrepresenting themselves as agents of Microsoft promoting a Microsoft lottery in conjunction with the Clinton Foundation.
  • Emails claiming to be from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)/Nelson Mandela Foundation (NMF) and Clinton Foundation promising a monetary award.

If you have questions about the authenticity of a communication you have received, please forward it to